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*Video* Designer to Baker? Let's See!

Sunday is the 2nd annual International Market and Wine Tasting and its the perfect time to get a jump start on your Holiday shopping and support small and local businesses! Vendors include Pampered Chef * Baubles & bags * Rare Dirndln * Thirty One Gifts* Homemade German Christmas Cookies * Tastefully Simple * Handmade Jewelry and 10+ more! I volunteered to make some cookies for the event, however I'm not a very good baker nor do I know any German cookie recipes. So I contacted my good friend from mybestgermanrecipes.com and she told me about a great Hazelnut Macaroon recipe from her Christmas Cookie Cookbook. Check out this video to see how I did with sugar and eggs instead of fabric and thread!

For my first attempt making a Christmas cookie, it wasn't too bad, but I didn't whip the eggs enough… they needed to be more firm. The best way is to use a hand mixer, but I don't have one. That way the batter will be thicker and then when you place them on the pan, they will turn out much better. I also baked them too long, so make sure you keep an eye on them after that 10min mark.I had such a fun time baking and hopefully I will slowly but surely get better at the craft and be able to try more of the cookies from the cookbook! The Christmas Cookie Cookbook is only $4.99 and you'll be able to download it and try the recipes instantly! Just in time for the holidays!!!
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Erika Neumayer

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