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3 Ways to Wear a Sweater with your Dirndl

3 Ways to Wear a Sweater with your Dirndl

Although the winter months are not typically the season for wearing dirndls, many of us will find a way! Whether your going to a local German restaurant, or you have a German club event, wearing a dirndl can get chilly… cuz let's face it, it's cold outside! (I mean unless you live in Florida, Texas or southern Cali… in which case I'm very jealous and don't want to think about your weather compared to the balmy 3 degrees outside here in Chicago.)

But should you want to wear a dirndl, you'll most likely want to wear a sweater and I have 3 ways to help you decide what sweater to wear.

#1 - Cropped Cardigan

A cropped cardigan is your best bet for a dirndl. Why? Because dirndls have a natural waistline and cropped cardigans stop at the natural waist. This sweater style is the best way to compliment your dirndl without taking away from the essence of the dirndl style. One of our customers said that she found some at Old Navy for $20 and I got mine at Target a few years back. They are still in style, but sometimes hard to find in a long sleeve (mine is 3/4 length).


#2 - Draped Sweater 

If you don't have a cropped cardigan then I would go with a sweater that drapes in the front like this one. Although it changes the silhouette of the dirndl, it doesn't cover up the detailing of the bodice. These sweaters are pretty easy to find and if you go with a color like black or grey, you can get lots of use out of it, because it's a great style for every day. However, should you find one in a classic loden green… that would go perfect with our bonus item! (Keep scrolling down ;-)




 #3 - A Trachten Sweater

Don't like either of those options… then I would go for a Trachten Sweater like the Rare Dirndl Long Sweater. Wear something that says dirndl, without actually wearing a dirndl! Whether it is a traditional wool sweater with embroidery, or our comfy cotton loop knit sweater with edelweiss trim and buttons, you can go out to those German events in style! Right now there are only 3 Long Sweaters left (L and XL(2) in Black) Click here to get yours before they're gone for good.      


BONUS! Not a sweater kind of gal? Check out our Edelweiss Infinity Scarf! This scarf can accent any black dirndl or bring some German flair to your everyday outfit. This super soft and cozy scarf can accent your everyday outfit or being a little bit of your heritage to your winter coat.

 Click Here to make this scarf part of your winter wardrobe!

Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take out quiz and find out now!

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As always, ideas and opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own. - Erika

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