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The Secret to Wearing your Dirndl in the Winter

The Secret to Wearing your Dirndl in the Winter

Ever have the opportunity to wear your dirndl but then you don’t because it’s “too cold”. Well that’s super silly because I have a great way to winterize your dirndl so you can still look fabulous while staying comfortable and warm. I’m from Chicago… land of the 90-day summer and what seems like endless cold days, plus I’m one of those “always cold” people, so I’ve got this dressing for cold thing down to a science.

#1 | Layer underneath your dirndl – I like to start with black tights, black socks, black fleece lined leggings… all the leg layers! I also like to wear a tank top or camisole under my blouse.

#2 | Sweater or jacket – I like sweaters and jackets that don’t cover up the front of my dirndl because that is usually where all the details are. So something drapy or looser works, as well a cropped jacket. 

#3 | A Face Mask – Face coverings have been a part of our regular wardrobe for a while now… and you know why you don't need to throw them away when the pandemic is over? They keep you pretty warm in winter! So not only is this accessory keeping us and those around us safe, it can also keep you warmer. (feeding 2 birds with 1 scone! boom!)

#4 | Petticoat – You know what adds adorableness + extra warmth? A petticoat!! That bad boy has at least 3 layers of nylon ruffles which are not only super cute but pretty warm as well.

#5 | Blouse – If you are wearing a more sporty or casual dirndl you could wear a long sleeve shirt instead of a blouse, or choose a blouse with longer sleeves. 

#6 | Boots – You don’t neeeeeeed to wear Mary-Janes with your dirndl. Bust out those boots my friend! From motorcycle boots to snow boots… if the colors and the style works for your dirndl, you can surely wear it.

#7 | Accessories – Warm shoes or booties are great, maybe a cute scarf (perhaps a Krampus scarf wink and what about a hat? Accessorize yourself with items that are for both warmth and style!  

#8 | Layers!!! – Put everything together layer by layer and you will be sure to be nice and cozy in your dirndl this winter. Start with your knee high socks and fleece lined leggings, then a fitted tank or cami, then a long sleeve shirt instead of a blouse, then your dirndl, then your apron, then your sweater, then your hat and maybe a scarf, then your boots and you are ready! In case you're too lazy to read all above, I suggest you to watch the video below where I share my secrets of how to wear dirndl during cold days.

Those are my best practices for rocking your dirndl in the colder weather. Do you have any tips or tricks for wearing your dirndl in the winter? I am always interested in new ideas, so put your thoughts in the comments below!

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