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The Trick to Tying the Perfect Apron Bow

The Trick to Tying the Perfect Apron Bow

If I had a dollar for every time someone said, “I need to learn how to tie a bow like that!” or “You tie the most perfect bows“, I’d have like… a lot of dollars. Anyway, I’m going to teach you how to tie the perfect apron bow and the trick so you can tie it perfect every single time, whether you are tying it for yourself or someone else.

So here we go… This is kinda hard to describe in words, but I’ll do my best:


OK people here it is… pay attention!!!!

BOOM! Wasn’t that easy?

Ok… ok… I understand that I do make it seam easy, but the good news is, a while back I made a low quality YouTube video on how to do it that might be easier to understand. 

I hope this helps you tie the perfect bow and remember… practice makes perfect. Don’t get discouraged! Just keep tying!

It's also worth noting... that where you tie your apron bow matters! 

According to tradition, a bow tied on the right means that you are taken… so in a serious relationship or married. Tied on the left means that you are single and ready to mingle babay! Tied in the center front means that you are a virgin. And tied in the center back means that you are waitressing or windowed. This one I don’t really know about though, because sometimes that apron ties are just not long enough to tie in a nice bow in the front… so… ya…

How serious do people take these rules? I’m not too sure. At Oktoberfest, where you tie your bow is common knowledge among the locals, so if you’re looking to find a date, don’t tie your bow on the right. Here in the US, I’m not sure how many people know about the “rules of apron tying”. So at the end of the day it’s just about personal preference if you ask me. Sometimes the pattern on the apron would be covered up if you tie the bow on a certain side, so meh… it’s really up to you I guess.


Erika Neumayer

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