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Ghana Dirndl



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This adorable dirndl is super to bring life to any party! Inspired by dirndl designer, Erika Neumayer's trip to Ghana, the traditional west African printed fabrics ensure that no event will be boring when you're wearing this dirndl. 

  • Regal high collared neckline of the Kente cloth inspired cotton print bodice with black piping at armholes and princess seams
  • 20" pleated black peach skin skirt with a pocket (length from the waist to the hem)
  • Dark green chiffon apron with African wax print apron ties
  • Pictured with the Cold Shoulder Blouse in black and red Dirndl Petticoat
  • This dirndl is in stock and ready to ship out within a few days!
  • Like all our dirndls... made with love in Chicago, IL 
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