Seasonal Surprise Package: Winter 2017

$59.00 $95.00


Product Details

Who doesn’t love a wonderful surprise? Each seasonal package is full of over $95 worth of goodies that are perfect for that particular season. This bag would make a wonderful gift for St. Nicholas Day or Christmas!

In the Winter/Holiday Surprise Package you’ll be guaranteed:           

  • A pair of our popular fingerless gloves with edelweiss trim
  • An Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet
  • A Krampus decal sticker
  • A pair of earrings
  • Large shopping bag (perfect for groceries)
  • And MORE (including fun items from Jägermeister & Dirndl Kitchen)
  • All of these items are NOT on the website. You can only get them in this gift bag. (for example you'll get a NEW color of the Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet and a NEW, never before seen, pair of earrings)

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