“Sprechen sie fun?” If you’re not familiar with Wurstfest, it is an epic German Festival and unique annual celebration in New Braunfels, Texas and absolutely worth a visit. This 10 day extravaganza is a salute to sausage and has a Texas fun meets Munich Oktoberfest vibe that celebrates the amazingly good food, beer, Bavarian style entertainment, special events and German culture. 

Below are the 6 steps to getting the most out of your experience at  Wurstfest in New Braunfels!  

woman in a German dirndl dress smiling with a man in lederhosen at wurstfest in new braunfels tx near beautiful comal river

1 | Location

The Wurstfest is located near the headwaters of the beautiful Comal River in New Braunfels, Texas! Note the weather when you're going to the fest so you can pack accordingly... need an umbrella, sunscreen, and fan maybe? And even in Texas, those evenings can get cool.

2 | Weekends vs Weekdays

The energy of Wurstfest on the weekends is contagious and loads of fun especially on the first and last day. However, if you prefer spending time in a less crowded, little more low key atmosphere with just as much Gemütlichkeit... then the weekdays are for you. Keep in mind Thursdays is "Thirsty Thursday," so the Wurstfest will most likely be packed with college students. If you are looking to take part in a Masskrugstemmen or Stein holding competition, check the schedule on the Wurstfest website to see when any special events take place. Don't worry, regardless of the day you'll go, you're sure to be surrounded by Bavarian style entertainment and culture. 

woman wearing a purple dirndl dress posing with a statue at wurtfest in new braunfel tx near beautiful comal river

3 | Wear a dirndl

That's what one of our customers and regular at Wurstfest, Jennifer said... and we have to agree. However, this unique annual celebration is HOT. You'll want to get out your dirndl, best hot weather dirndl blouse and pretzel jewelry! Guys... dust off those Lederhosen, gingham shirts and vests.

4 | Food

Oh my goodness. Wurstfest is home to a variety of delicious and good food including the popular Pork Wings! Lots of tasty food served on sticks (like sausage on a stick). From German classics to fun variations on festival food, hope you're ready to proclaim, YUMO!

5 | German beer

At Wurstfest you want to stay hydrated, but definitely drink the German beer. German beer is 3 things: delicious, easy to drink, and strong. As I heard an expert on German culture once say, "Tis Cherman Beer is ze equivalent of 45 Bud Lites." Stay hydrated in that Texas sunshine and make sure you have a responsible way of getting home. Also note that on a busy day at Wurstfest... keep an eye our for the multiple pitcher/cup stacking attempts that occur throughout the day and night. It takes real skill to master an 8-10 foot tower!

2 women in dirndl dresses at wurstfest in new braunfels Texas holding pitchers of German Beer

6 | Polka away!

Wurstfest festival is a unique annual celebration is packed with special events and great bands like The Alex Meixner Band, Die Schlauberger, and much more. You don't need to be the polka master of the world to have a good time. Just get out on the dance floor, enjoy the Bavarian style entertainment, and have fun. You'll hear both German hits, Oktoberfest favorites and American classics!

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2 girls wearing dirndl dresses and cowboy hats at wurstfest in new braunfels tx near beautiful comal river
One of our favorite things to do at Wurstfest is hop on the Ferris wheel for an awesome birds-eye view of the entire venue. If you are interested in a little competition, sign up for the stein holding contest. This is no longer just a guys thing… they have a beer stein holding contest for us ladies too! Another unique and fun “event” is to take part in the multiple pitcher/cup stacking attempts that occur throughout the day and night. It takes real skill to master an 8-10 foot tower! Walking into the dance hall you can see the Germany colors line the ceiling with giant streamers of gold, red and black and an entire hall filled with folks full of Gemütlichkeit. - Jessica and Jennifer Taylor 
If you're looking for additional information about Wurstfest, a unique annual celebration, from the lovely Jessica and Jennifer -- check out another Rare Dirndl blog a Girl's Guide to Wurstfest,
Exciting carnival rides at Wursfest
photo from the Wurstfest Facebook page

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Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas, is a 10 day festival and a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates the German culture and heritage of the area with good food, Bavarian style entertainment and live music, and a friendly atmosphere. It's a salute to sausage! From bratwursts and beer to polka and dancing, there's something for everyone at Wurstfest. Hosted by the Wurstfest Association, the event's long history and strong community support make it a cherished tradition for locals and a must-see experience filled with special events for visitors. Whether you're a fan of German culture or simply looking for good food and a good time with Texas fun, Wurstfest is a celebration not to be missed. Ready for your next festival? Here's our Ultimate German Festival Checklist.

woman from the schnitzels n giggles food truck wearing a German dirndl dress posing at wurstfest in new braunfels tx celebrating German culture

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6 Tips for Getting the Most out of Wurstfest in New Braunfels

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