You are one-of-a-kind,
so why not have a dirndl that is one-of-a-kind?

Get a Custom Designed Dirndl!

Since 2010 designer, Erika Neumayer has designed and made hundreds of custom dirndls! A Custom Dirndl allows you to be involved in every step of the design process, try it on, video chat with the designers and bring your ideas to life! Custom dirndls are designed with your personal style and your body in mind. Whether you're petite or curvy, size 2 or 32, this dirndl is made to fit you.

collage image of the rare dirndl team hand making custom dirndl dresses

It is specifically designed around YOU!

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How it Works

Once your design is finalized, typical turnaround time is 8-10 weeks.
Custom Dirndls start at $750.

The process starts by filling out the Custom Dirndl Application*

  1. Applications are reviewed in the order they are received and our current capacity is two per month.
  2. We will work together over video calls, text and email to create the design.
  3. You will be given swatches and sketches to approve. Each dirndl sketch will be presented to you with the total cost.
  4. When your dirndl is about halfway finished, you get to try it on at home or at our Chicago Design Studio.

Costs include:

  • Designing & sketching
  • The Dirndl & Apron
  • All fabrics
  • All trimmings & notions
  • Fittings (including UPS shipping back and forth)
  • Alterations based on fittings
  • Final shipment

Fill Out an Application

* Filling out the application is not a guarantee that your project will be a good fit for our process


Cultural Mash-ups • Upcycle Dirndls • Family Heirloom Re-vamps • Unique Inspirations

Cultural Mash-up Examples

Not German but have an upcoming event where you want to wear a dirndl... but also feeling like the traditional dirndl style doesn’t represent who you are? We can fix that! Some of our most magnificent dirndls have come out of blending different cultures together. Let’s create a design that says “I’m ready for Oktoberfest” and “this is SO me!”


image of a dirndl pattern piece laying over a sari, next to a close up image of hand pleated neckline dirndl bodice trim and furthest left is an indian woman wearing a custom made dirndl made from a sari

Krupa’s parents are from India and she booked a trip to Munich for her 40th birthday. We made her a custom dirndl using one of her mom’s Saris. We used a combination of our stock fabrics and the Sari to create this design, a look she was proud to wear that celebrated her heritage and the Gemütlichkeit of Oktoberfest.


image of a kilt laying on a cutting table next to a sketch of a dirndl and the final piece which is a custom dirndl

Christina sent us her boyfriend’s family kilt to turn into a dirndl that she would feel fabulous in at both the German and Scottish events she attended. We used the kilt fabric for the skirt, paired it with a faux leather bodice and added the kilt buckles to the apron front and shoulder detailing.


Frida Kahlo inspired custom dirndl dress made in chicago

Mallory came to us because she and her fiance were having a German culture-inspired wedding, but she wanted a dirndl that spoke to all parts of her. Being part German, but mostly of Mexican descent, she was looking for a custom dirndl inspired by the fabulous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo


Have a dirndl that means a lot to you, but isn’t going to fit anymore? Or maybe a vintage dirndl that isn’t your style? We can take the best parts of it and make it into something new and fabulous.


image of woman in a vintage magenta plaid dirndl, next to a photo so it being taken apart to be made into a dirndl and furthest right is the new dirndl design

Gerti took her sons to Austria in the early 1990s to visit family. She bought a dirndl while on her trip, but now she doesn’t wear it often because it feels very dated. However, she can’t bear to part with it because it holds so much sentimental value. She sent it to us and we made it fresh and new! By using the original dirndl combined with some new matching fabrics, we created something she feels proud to wear to all the German club events.


evolution of a custom dirndl made from a vintage dirndl dress

Petra had a dirndl that didn’t fit her anymore and the style was way outdated. This frumpy plaid dirndl was one that brought back good memories for her, but she knew she would never wear it, and neither would her daughter. So, we turned this old dated design into a modern punk-rock inspired dirndl for her daughter as a Christmas present.


custom plus size dirndl dress made from a vintage dirndl skirt

Layne remembers her time dancing the Los Angeles Jugendgruppe fondly, but like all of us, doesn't fit in her dirndl and tracht that she wore when she was dancing (which was in highschool). We took all the best parts of dirndls and reworked them to be modern dirndls that she loves wearing.

Family Heirloom Revamps

Is there a piece of clothing that means a lot to you, but it’s just collecting dust in the closet? Let us turn it into something you will love to wear at Oktoberfest or any upcoming German event.


custom made plus size dirndl dress made from a wedding dress

Kelly and her husband booked a trip to Munich Oktoberfest to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. She sent us her wedding dress to take apart and use to make a new dirndl for the occasion. We used the gorgeous beading, and fabric from the skirt to make a beautiful dirndl bodice. A design fit for Oktoberfest and beyond.


custom dirndl made from a 1950s wedding dress

Katie had a very special relationship with her Oma. After she passed away, Katie felt very connected to her Oma's wedding dress, but had no intention of wearing it as is. She sent us this unique and sentimental garment that we turned into a dirndl special enough to let her Oma's memory live on.

Unique Inspirations

We’ve made dirndls inspired by the movie Black Swan, Tim Burton films, Wonder Woman, Harley Davidson, the Harry Potter Books and much, much more.


custom equestrian inspired dirndl dress made in the usa. best dirndl dress milwaukee

Jenn has been dancing with the United German Hungarians for over 15 years and she wanted a dirndl with a bell skirt that she could wear to their events but also showcased her love for horses and her experience as a rider, but wasn’t too literal. We designed a dirndl with subtle leather & suede braided details, stable inspired earth tones and 2 aprons for versatility.


Custom designs MUSE inspired dirndl dress made in Chicago - Dirndl shop chicago

Amy might be the biggest fan of the band MUSE in the whole world! (ok... maybe thats an exaggeration) but she knew she wanted to combine 2 of her favorite things: MUSE and dirndls! We took inspiration from their album covers to create a one-of-a-kind-dirndl for the ultimate MUSE fan.


custom made harry potter inspired dirndl

Erika has always loved the Harry Potter Books. She grew up reading them and wanted a dirndl that featured all the HP Houses, and then subtly showcased her house: Hufflepuff. We took 4 fabrics, cut it up, pieced it back together to create a unique pattern and then used pops of golden yellow on black to give it that Hufflepuff look.


happy to wander travel inspired custom dirndl - dirndl made in the usa

Christina is a travel blogger and wanted a dirndl that was inspired by her work. We found this map inspired print that also had vintage looking hot air ballon reminiscent of her logo. It was the perfect combination and design for her to wear to Oktoberfest in Munich.


wonder woman inspired custom made dirndl dress made in the usa

Carrie Rose is a big Wonder Woman fan and asked for a flowy, bright and powerful dirndl that was inspired by Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. We custom printed an apron with the star pattern to match the royal blue full circle skirt. With the gold accents, this dirndl was ready for the fight.

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