Did you know that where you tie your bow on your traditional dirndl apron can tell people about your relationship status? True story.

Dirndl aprons are full-length aprons that are traditionally worn in Germany. Where you tie the bow on your dirndl dress apron can indicate your relationship status, so that potential partners can know whether or not they can approach you!

Bow on the Right Side 

According to tradition, a dirndl apron bow tied on the right means that you are taken... so in a serious relationship or married. 

Bow on the Left Side 

Tied on the left means that you are single and ready to mingle babay! 

Tied in the Center

Tied in the center front means that you are a virgin. 

Tied in the center back means that you are waitressing or windowed. This one I don't really know about though because sometimes those apron ties are just not long enough to tie in a nice bow in the front... so... ya...  

Whichever way you choose to tie your bow or knot, it’s important to remember that tradition still holds strong in Germany.