and celebrate your heritage

From Germany or Made in the USA


with your style in mind

available in sizes 2-26


the best-selling, dirndl closet staple

What REAL Customers say
What REAL Customers say
The fit is amazing, and the quality is unsurpassed. Shipping is super fast. I can’t wait to add more Rare Dirndls to my closet.
— Tasha B, New Braunfels TX
What REAL Customers say
Dirndls really do give you confidence! I have never been a fit fashion person but wearing dirndls has made me realize I like showing off my shape.
— Emily P, New Orleans LA
What REAL Customers say
We had a special closet made to store all of my wife & daughter’s Rare Dirndls. And it’s getting too small again! But I don't mind because they wear them all the time.
— Fred G. Toronto, ON Canada
What REAL Customers say
This Dirndl was a show-stopper! It was not only beautiful it was so comfortable. We spent 2 days at Octoberfest in Munich in the tents, the Dirndl held up amazingly.
— Janet T.
What REAL Customers say
This was my first Rare Dirndl and I am in LOVE!! The style is very flattering and slimming. The fabric and construction are high quality.
— Sarah D.
specially designed for YOU!

Custom Bridal Dirndls

Make your wedding day even more special by saying, “I Do” in something that expresses both your personality and heritage.