Alpine Meadow Dirndl

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**Customers have reported this style runs small. Consider ordering a size up. The model is wearing a size 10. She typically wears a size 8 Rare Dirndl**

The perfect blend of elegance and whimsy for your next adventure in the hills or twirl on the dance floor!

Picture this: a high back collar that adds a touch of regal charm, making you feel like the belle of the Bavarian ball. The royal blue suede bodice hugs you in all the right places, giving you that oh-so-flattering silhouette that will have everyone turning heads.

  • Royal blue micro-suede high-collar bodice with silver painted edelweiss buttons
  • Matching blue piping at the armholes
  • Forest Green poly peach skin skirt which is soft, matte, lightweight and flowy (plus easy to care for!)
  • Medium-length skirt. Length is 26" from the natural waist to the hemline (about mid-calf if you are 5'4")
  • 2 side skirt pockets
  • Ivory lace print apron with bright blue florals and light turquoise apron ties 
  • Made with love in Chicago, IL. USA

Not sure what size to order? Click here to get all your sizing questions answered by designer, Erika Neumayer!

But wait, there's more! Delicate edelweiss buttons add a sprinkle of alpine magic, transforming your outfit into a storybook of tradition and style. The forest green peach skin skirt swings with every step, bringing a breath of fresh mountain air to your ensemble.

And let's talk about the pièce de résistance – the ivory lacey apron adorned with bright blue florals. It's like wearing a piece of the sky on your waist, adding a burst of color and playfulness to your outfit. Imagine strolling through a flower-filled meadow, the sun kissing your cheeks, while you gracefully flaunt this enchanting apron.

But practicality is key too! Our medium-length skirt features not one, but two pockets – because who says you can't be stylish and practical at the same time? Perfect for stashing a wildflower or two, or even a little treat for later.

So, whether you're raising a stein at Oktoberfest or dancing under the stars at a summer soirée, the Alpine Meadow Dirndl is your go-to garment for making memories in style. Embrace the spirit of the mountains, and let the dirndl magic unfold! 🌼🏞️💙