Midnight Garden Dirndl

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Introducing the Midnight Garden Dirndl – a contemporary masterpiece that seamlessly combines urban sophistication with classic charm.

The black polyester poplin bodice sets the stage with a refined square neckline, offering a timeless touch to the ensemble. A subtle edge is introduced with delicate metal hook detailing and a central lacing chain, adding an urban flair that sets this dirndl apart. Lavender piping along the armholes and princess seams brings a touch of color, while the pleated neckline trim in lavender adds a subtle feminine accent.

  • Black polyester poplin bodice with a classic square neckline 
  • Delicate metal hook detailing with chain center front lacing 
  • Lavender piping at the armhole and princess seams
  • Lavender pleated neckline trim  
  • 26-inch medium-length magenta crepe back satin skirt
  • 2 side skirt pockets
  • Bright florals on black cotton print apron with royal blue suede apron ties 
  • Pictured with the V-Neck Lace Sparkle Dirndl Blouse
  • Made with love in Chicago, IL 

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The 26-inch medium-length magenta crepe back satin skirt creates an elegant silhouette, and the inclusion of two side skirt pockets blends style with practicality effortlessly. The apron steals the spotlight, featuring vibrant florals on a black cotton print, paired with royal blue suede apron ties for a striking contrast.

For an extra touch of sophistication, consider pairing the Midnight Garden Dirndl with the V-Neck Lace Sparkle Dirndl Blouse, adding a dash of glamour to your overall look.

Handcrafted with love in the vibrant city of Chicago, IL, the Midnight Garden Dirndl is a testament to modern design, urban elegance, and the artful fusion of tradition with contemporary style. Make a lasting impression at your next event with this uniquely chic and beautifully named dirndl.