German potato dumpling are one of my favorite things to eat. I've never met a Knödel I didn't like. From Semmel to Potato, Zwetschgen to Leber... I seriously love them all and today, I'm sharing a few potato dumpling recipes (and some others) I've found.

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"German bread dumplings are a typical garnish to a nice German pot roast. Imagine bread dumplings soaking up the juicy sauces of that yummy roast to then travel on a fork alongside red cabbage to your mouth. Sounds like heaven, right? Try this amazing German potato dumpling recipe.

potato dumplings

"German potato dumplings are these great, little, underrated sidekicks. Just like red cabbage from last week, they are usually not the main gig, but instead are backup singers allowing the big star to shine.

German potato dumplings are carriers of sauces, containers of Sauerbraten… my point being that they are extremely versatile and so EASY and yummy!!

Next time you’re making a roast, why not quickly boil some raw potatoes. You can transform those boiled potatoes into  mashed potatoes and then little potato balls - they're binded together with potato starch. I already have more and more ideas of what else to stuff them with (herbed goat cheese, anyone?) or work into the dough (last time I made these, I added little cooked bits of bacon – yum!).
So let your creative juices flow, and make these your canvas for inspiration, making them just a touch more noticed when competing with superstar “pot roast.” Click here for this potato dumpling recipe 


german potato dumplings


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Want to learn how to make dumplings ("Klöße und Knödel") including the famous and very traditional german potato dumplings? You'll find various recipes for those, plus some VERY strange ones in the list below as well.

delicious potato dumplings


My very favorite ones are the Thüringer Klösse. These are not only time consuming to make, but also quite a bit of work. Easier are the German potato dumplings made from cooked potatoes. Served with my rouladen alternative, flatladen, and sweet and sour red cabbage -- this is a favorite meal at our house.

These were one of my Mutti's favourite’s as well, because they were so quick to make. Of course, the homemade croutons in the middle add the extra touch of "delicious-ness."

How to make ALL the Dumplings ...

If you want to try something a bit different, there are the traditional bread dumplings that are so common in the Bavarian area of Germany.

potato dumplings
It has an interesting method of making dumplings using leftover bread. The results are delicious. Great "soaker-uppers" of gravy!
These bread dumplings were something I discovered on my first trip back to Germany after having left as a little girl. For me, dumplings ALWAYS meant potatoes.
And, I really, really enjoyed my potato dumplings whether it's yukon gold potatoes or russet potatoes, I LOVE potato dumplings a lot. It really took a step of faith to try these made with bread. Guess what? I got hooked! What a fabulous way to use up stale buns and bread cubes.
The only requirement was that one needs to have gravy :) Something I've learned when making dumplings, especially if you don't make them too often, is to make a "trial" one first.

Leftover Potato Dumplings

While you'll definitely eat these all in one sitting, it's quite easy to reheat potato dumplings. Just make sure you take it slow and simmer in water until it's fully heated all the way through. 


Make a Trial Dumpling First! When I first started, and not knowing for sure if the dough would hold together, I'd just make all the dumplings at once and put them in the pot of gently boiling water. After my first flop when they all fell apart, I learned to always try one test dumpling first. If it held together, I'd form the rest and cook them then.
Side Note: Oma Gerhild just published the most beautiful cookbook. I highly recommend it for all sorts of recipes (Including German potato dumpling recipes)! Click here to get yourself a copy. 

from My Best German Recipes

If you run into a leftover dumpling situation, here is a great way to re-purpose your knödel for a new tasty dish: 

potato dumplings recipe

"The German Spinach dumplings is actually an Italian recipe and is a specialty in the region of Southern Tirol but it has made its way into is the German cuisine as well.

I found this recipe on the menu of the German Restaurant Jagstmuehle in Germany They bake them in the oven with cheese as the last step which sounds delicious. These dumplings are so easy to make. Click here for the entire recipe 

potato dumplings


If you're a foodie like me, here are a few more German Dumplings pictures to scroll through!!!

potato dough shaped into balls binded together with potato starch

german potato dumpling recipes
raw potato dumplings

golden brown potato dumplings

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How to Make German Dumplings
September 26, 2017 — Erika Neumayer

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