Top 3 Purses to Wear for Oktoberfest | Rare Dirndl
Top 3 Purses to Wear for Oktoberfest

Top 3 Purses to Wear for Oktoberfest

Nothing is worse than getting all dolled up in a fabulous dirndl and then having to schlep around a big goofy purse. I've been wearing dirndls for... pretty much my entire life... and I've settled on my 3 favorite purse styles that work well with dirndls. All are wearable without a dirndl too, but when you're more interested in eating a Leberkase Sandwich and drinking a nice cold Dunkelweizen, you certainly don't want to futz with a purse!

#1: Crossbody Purse  

This Betsy Johnson pretzel purse is a great example of a fun purse that works great with a dirndl. The crossbody purse or bag is a wonderful hands-free option and doesn't cover much of the dirndl's detailing. Click here to order the Pretzel Purse.

#2: Apron Purse  

The Rare Dirndl apron purse is so so handy. This brain child of mine and handbag designer, Heidi Kelly is made to wear with your dirndl, but can also be worn with a belt! Your apron ties slide easily through the loops in the back of the purse keeping all your essentials at your hip... easy for you to get to and hard for pick-pocketers to get into. Click here to order one for yourself!

#3: Backpack Purse  

I love me a good backpack! While not ideal for Oktoberfest in Munich (backpacks not allowed) it's great for picnics and other German events. A backpack won't cover up the details on your dirndl and it also leaves your hands free to give Oma a big hug, hold your cousin's kid while she get's an apple strudel or order a beer for now and one for later. I love this backpack from Ernst Licht because it has a hint of German flare but can also be worn any other day of the week too. Click here to order the Edelweiss backpack. 

What's your favorite style of purse to wear with your dirndl? Do you prefer the backpack, crossbody, apron purse or something else? Tell me about in the comments.



Looking for a local Oktoberfest in your area or a German restaurant to wear your dirndl to? Click here to get our FREE Resource Guide full of articles and a comprehensive list of festivals and restaurants. 

Erika Neumayer

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