Who Wore it Best? Celebrities in Designer Dirndls | Rare Dirndl
Who Wore it Best? Celebrities in Designer Dirndls

Who Wore it Best? Celebrities in Designer Dirndls

The website POPSUGAR Fashion put together a slideshow of 11 celebrities in dirndls and many of them are designed by Lola Paltinger. She is a couture dirndl designer and most of her pieces cost 2,900 Euros… That's $3,690.32! (that why when people send me pics of her dirndls and ask me to replicate it for under $300 I'm all like "Guuuuurrl! You Cra!") Here is the link to the Slideshow "Starts Wearing Oktoberfest Dirndls"

But here are my top 3 "Who Wore it Best!":

#3 - Kim Kardashian This kinda hurts my soul, because I very much dislike the Kardashians, which I know is not nice to say considering I've never met them… but anyone who makes a coffee table book of their own selfies is a conceded whack-job in my book. That being said, she's rocking this Paltinger dirndl and the fishtail braids are a nice take on the unfortunately popular pigtail braids that everyone associate with German girls. So my #3 is going to KimK. 





 #2 - Hayden Panettiere Hayden has got the whole package in this pic! The modern, yet classic style dirndl, the matching hat, cute poofy petticoat and the sexy man in lederhosen to bring the whole look together. She is owning this outfit from head to toe and that's why she's my #2 pick.


#1 Katy Parry Simply put, she knows how to #RockTheDirndl! Love the colors that she chose because it feels very Katy but doesn't over do it. Sometimes she has a tendency to go a bit overboard with the cultural references, (remember that tribute to the Geisha in kimonos during the AMA performance… not cute) so this look makes me super happy. She's owning this girly yet edgy dirndl and thats why she's my #1 for Who Wore it Best!

Honorable Mention I have to give a shout out to my girl crush Emma Watson. In this picture, it is hard to tell who the designer of her dirndl is, but it looks like a pretty generic dirndl (hence why she didn't make the official list). However, she has to be mentioned on my blog because I love her. That's all. Who do you think wore it best? I'd love to hear what you think… write it all the in comments section and lets get this conversation started!
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Erika Neumayer

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