While I personally have never been to Oktoberfest in Munich, I have done extensive research, talked to many folks who go every year and I was STILL so surprised to learn some of these stats. I can't wait to share them with you!  

Did you know...

  1. Oktoberfest hosted 5.7 million visitors in 2022
  2. Oktoberfest is called The Wisen by the locals because it is located on the Theresienwiese, which was named after Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.
  3. There are 14 large tents and 20 small tents. These tents are built from scratch every year and then dismantled after the celebration is over.
  4. Oktoberfest hosts many different famous people. In 2022 Arnold Schwarzenegger visited with his family.
  5. It is held primarily in September for weather reasons. However, in 2022 the weather was unexpectedly cold and rainy.
  6. In 2022, 5,600,000 Liters of beer were sold.
  7. Due to the weather, this was the first time in 14-years that "glühwein," or warm mulled wine, was served.
  8. Last year, 112,551 people attempted to steal a mug... and failed.
  9. 2022 festival attendees paid 15.77% more for beer than the last Oktoberfest hosted in 2019.
  10. Approximately 3,500 items were lost, including:
    • 930 ID cards
    • 380 articles of clothing
    • 570 wallets
    • 630 bank cards 
    • 420 smartphones and cell phones 
    • 180 keys 
    • 150 pairs of glasses
    • 70 bags, backpacks and pouches
    • 80 umbrellas
    • 70 pieces of jewelry

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July 18, 2019 — Erika Neumayer

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