I've been asked many times, "Could you make a maternity dirndl?" And my response is... "yes, but do you really want  a custom dirndl that you might not use more than once, or even for a few hours?"

Probably not... You may order it and it'll sit in your wardrobe until you need another maternity dress or until you let a friend borrow it... But I have a fantastic (and easy) solution! 

First, find a simple sleeveless knit dress that has a comfortable fit,

, like this Michael Stars Hampton Stripe Midi Dress. It's comfortable and stretchy so perfect maternity wear!

Then add our off-the-shoulder blouse and a Rare Dirndl hat... and you're ready for any German-themed occasion!
Pregnant woman wearing a striped dress and then next to hear that same image but she is wearing an off-the-shoulder dirndl blouse and a bavarian inspired hat for oktoberfest
Whether you choose the dress above, or something in pink or green, or blue, or something completely unique to you, any sleeveless knit dress will do and any dirndl blouse can take that dress from ready-to-wear to German momma-to-be! We have an incredible selection of stylish blouses in a few different colors, so you can mix and match until you get the look you want!
There are also no rules saying you can make your existing dirndl work! If you can zip it, maybe maneuver the waistline of your dirndl... ROCK IT! Kari wore her One-of-a-Kind Dirndl when she was 6 months pregnant with her 2nd kiddo and she looks amazing. On instagram she said, "I'm so happy my @raredirndl One of a Kind Dirndl still fit at 32 Weeks preggers 😅 We had so many compliments for our looks and Mack stole the show 🤗" 
Pregnant woman wearing a dirndl at a local oktoberfest with her daughter
For more inspiration, you can also pair your look with Edelweiss jewelry, like necklaces, earrings and/or bracelets. The right accessories can elevate any look, so if you find yourself at a German-themed event or Oktoberfest pregnant (or not), snag some statement pieces! One of my favorites is the Edelweiss Wrap Bracelets, one mom said, "I LOVE these bracelets. My 8-month-old loves them too! He grabs at them whenever I have them on, but I don't worry about him breaking them like I would with other jewelry."
Pregnant woman taking a selfie wearing edelweiss jewelry and edelweiss accessories
When I told another momma about this idea, she said, "OMG you are brilliant. I love this!" She was going to Oktoberfest with her husband and kiddo... but had another one on the way. She wanted to be comfortable, but still dress the part. Being later in September it worked out great to use her Rare Dirndl Hat to go with her comfortable maternity dress and vest.  
woman wearing a german hat at oktoberfest instead of a maternity dirndl
woman wear a german hat at oktoberfest instead of a maternity dirndl or traditional german clothing
Doesn't she look fabulous!? 
When I was 8 months pregnant, I also rocked a maternity dress that wasn't very fitted with edelweiss jewelry and a German Inspired Vest! It had an edelweiss cut-out on the back and was the perfect way to show off my heritage while still being comfortable that late in my pregnancy.
Pregnant woman wearing a red dress and an elastic waist and a vest with an edelweiss on it at a german event
Now if you are thinking to yourself, "but Erika... there are dirndls for me out there! It's easy, just make the dress with an empire waist." Yes... I understand that, but I believe with all my bones that a knit dress with a blouse, hat, and jewelry is more comfortable, more versatile, and more accessible, so that is my suggestion.

How are you going to dress up your maternity clothes for this year's festival season or German-themed baby showers? Tell us in the comments and share your tips and tricks with other Mama's to be out there.

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Maternity Dirndl with No Mama Drama


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February 19, 2019 — Erika Neumayer

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