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My New Unexpected Favorite Blouse for Spring

Spring is a unique time of year here in the midwest. I'm not sure how other people in other parts of the country feel, but in Chicago, spring is... well... still freakin cold. But that doesn't stop us from wanting, and wearing, new spring fashions! It may be March and 33 degrees, but I'm ready for bright colors, light sweaters and maybe just 1 pair of pants (not fleece lined leggings underneath my jeans haha).

This spring, for every dirndl wearing event, I have found myself continuously reaching for the same blouse: the new High-Neck Dirndl Blouse with 3/4 Sleeves. This Austrian style blouse is not only super trendy right now in Germany, but it's super adorable. Some might argue that the higher neckline is irritating, but the fabric is so soft and the stretch lace is crazy comfy... it's my new favorite! Especially for Spring. It's got just enough coverage so I don't need a scarf or a sweater and the light-weight lace is a great compliment to just about any dirndl.

What do you think? Do you like this new blouse style? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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