What Shoes Do I Wear with My Dirndl? Shoes to wear at Oktoberfest with a Dirndl | Rare Dirndl
What Shoes Do I Wear with My Dirndl? Shoes to wear at Oktoberfest with a Dirndl

What Shoes Do I Wear with My Dirndl? Shoes to wear at Oktoberfest with a Dirndl

One of the most frequently asked questions around here is… “Now, what kind of shoes do I wear with my dirndl? And my answer is, “Whatever shoes you want!” That’s not a very specific answer, but I’m not exactly one to follow the “dirndl rules”.

However, here is a quick list of what I recommend to wear with your dirndl. PLUS, I got some great insights from my travel blogger pals Ashley from My Wanderlusty Life and Christina from Happy to Wander who have both been to Oktoberfest in Munich multiple times.

The basic rules are comfortable and stylish, so you’ll want to find a nice blend of the two. What is currently trending in Germany are booties and flats. Shoes that are comfortable so you can wear them for potential looooong days spent on your feet. But you also don’t want to be THAT girl wearing old sneakers… not a chic look. Below is an assortment of shoe styles that both Christina and Ashley said were frequently seen at Oktoberfest in Munich.


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Traditionally, one would wear a Mary-Jane style shoe with a low heel and dirndl socks. (Click here to order my favorite dirndl socks)

For a super casual look: Go with your favorite flats. My favorite are my TOMS, but most folks prefer a ballet flat. 

For an outdoorsy look: Try a bootie that brings out your inner high-fashion alpine mountaineer.   

For a more summer-y look: I would go with nice comfortable sandals or a fancy flip flop. However, do keep in mind that this type of footwear is more for a summer festival. Open toed shoes are NOT recommended for Oktoberfest in Munich... too much potential spillage.  

For a trendy look: Go with trendy booties - this is really all the rage at Oktoberfest lately.

For that punk look: Yes, you can bust out your hightops 

For a fancy schmancy look: Bust out those heels baby (but not at the expense of your feeties. If you are going to be a super grouch at Oktoberfest because you have 4 blisters and your feet are throbbing - mmm not so cute anymore). 

For an edgier look: Definitely try a motorcycle boot or booty. 

My personal favorite dirndl shoes are my TOMS wedges. They are really comfortable and go with pretty much every single dirndl I have. I wear these ALL THE TIME!  

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