I'm so excited about the premiere of the new Nickelodeon Original Movie, Swindle! Primarily because actress Jennette MCurdy is wearing the Sunflower Dirndl in one of the scenes. Many people have asked me how I got one of my pieces in a movie, so here is the quick back story!
jenette mccurdy on the set of the movie swindle wearing a yellow dirndl with white dirndl blouse

Last year around June (I can't remember exactly, but I know that I was cleaning our apartment with my Oma getting it ready for us to move in) I got a call from a woman who was coordinating some of the costumes for a TV show that would be on Canadian Nickelodeon. She wanted to order the Sunflower Dirndl, but I didn't have it in stock. She needed it right away, so she said "I'll pay the rush fee if you can get it to me by next week", so I quickly got sewing and shipped the dirndl off to Canada. And that was it. I e-mailed her about 6 months later, asking if things were going alright and if they needed anything, but no response. I would also periodically check out the Canadian Nickelodeon website to see if I could spot the dirndl anywhere, but no luck. So I kinda forgot about it. Then a couple weeks ago, I got an e-mail from a customer (who has the Sunflower Dirndl) with this picture and this note: "So I was babysitting today and this came on the tv! A rare dirndl! I think the show is called Sam and cat...or something. How awesome! Congrats!"

She became determined to figure out where she could see her dirndl on TV again and discovered that it was going to be in the Movie Swindle! I'm so excited to have a movie night tonight and enjoy some solid Nickelodeon awesomeness with a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine!

girl wearing a yellow dirndl with paisley apron and white dirndl blouse

Let us know on facebook if you saw the movie and the Sunflower dirndl and tweet to @jennettemccurdy during to movie to tell her how fab she looks in her @raredirndl 

girl wearing a yellow dirndl with a white dirndl blouse standing next to the tv playing the nickelodeon movie swindle with the same dirndl on actress jenette mccurdy


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