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Customer Spotlight: Jenn Lineman

"I was not born into a German Club but I got there as fast as I could. German dance was something I wanted to do and sought out at the age of 9. I began at Vereinigung Erzgebirge where I danced for three years before it disbanded and I moved on to the United German Hungarians, whom I have been with for ten years.

Although I have not been dancing as long as most, I am constantly being told that it is my years of dancing that have given me the stamina and discipline to be the rider that I am. When I go to the barn, I have my special-ordered German riding gloves, my perfectly balanced German riding crop and the breeches I purchased while in Austria; everyone at Jentri Stables knows I am the one who dances.

It only seemed fit that I somehow incorporate my love of horses into my love of all things German. My equestrian-inspired dirndl has done just that. Its navy bodice with silver buttons emulates a show coat while the skirt’s color beautifully represents the breeches traditionally worn in the show ring. But my Rare dirndl is not just for show; it is fully functional. The unique aspect of my dirndl is its bell skirt, which is perfect for Schuhplattler dancing."

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