True confession—I'm only a little bit German on my father's side; I am mostly of Polish and English decent (my maiden name is Nadolski). But my husband, Dirk, strongly embraces his German heritage, and we live in the Milwaukee area where there are tons of fun German festivals/Oktoberfest events and great German restaurants to enjoy. The first time we attended Germanfest, I knew I had to get myself a dirndl. I started out dressing up in a Halloween costume with a group of friends (my dirndl squad!) but the next year purchased an authentic dirndl made in Germany. Then I discovered Rare Dirndl and immediately loved the stylish designs.

This photo was taken at Germanfest 2016. I attended with my husband, daughter Lorelei, parents and older brother. It was my first time wearing my brand new one-of-a-kind Rare Dirndl. I chose the orange and blue fabrics because I am a big Illini and Chicago Bears fan (I grew up in Rockford, Illinois). And I like how lightweight and comfortable it feels because the weather is always really hot at Germanfest.

My favorite thing about Rare Dirndl is knowing I am supporting a local small business operated by a female entrepreneur. And of course I appreciate the beautiful, high quality items. I also own an edelweiss bracelet and necklace, as well as a Krampus scarf, and I bought a Trachten shirt for my husband. I dream of visiting Germany someday with my family and wearing my dirndls.

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May 16, 2017 — Erika Neumayer

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