When I first met my husband, Brandon, he had just returned from a study abroad trip to Munich. Our first date was filled with the general get to know you questions and plenty of stories from his trip. He would always tease me that the best things to ever happen to him that year (2010) were meeting me and going to Munich. Through our years together we celebrated countless Oktoberfests and I heard Brandon's stories from Germany so many times it felt like I had been there with him. We would joke with friends that our wedding would have cream puffs and Lederhosen instead of traditional cake and suits and somewhere along the line the joking was less and less and a real plan was coming together.

On July 28, 2014 on top of a volcano in Hawaii, things became really real. Brandon proposed and instead of saying "Yes!!" I let out an emotional "Thank you!" It was our first big trip together and it couldn't have been more perfect. At that moment all of our wedding ideas started to get set in motion and Kiskerfest was created.

We knew right away that we wanted to get married at Germania Park where we celebrated Oktoberfest together, that we wanted to eat Schmidt's from Columbus, Ohio and have a cream puff tower and we knew that we wanted to dance the night away with the Klaberheads. The hard part was everything else. I had such a difficult time finding a dress. It needed to be beautiful enough to be my wedding dress but fun and in the spirit of Kiskerfest and Erika was the perfect person to go to. When I found Rare Dirndl I was so excited and from our first phone call to excitedly opening the dress for the first time I knew it was the perfect match! Not only did I get the perfect dress but my bridesmaids each got a dress that perfectly matched our wedding and that I know they'll wear at Oktoberfests to come.


The actual wedding was in true Oktoberfest spirit! The ceremony was short but filled with love and emotion and the party really lived up to our Kiskerfest nickname. What I'll remember most is how much fun everyone had. Kiskerfest was about sharing our love and some of our favorite things with the people we care most about and starting off our marriage with a lot of happiness. From the food to the music and our special Lederhosen and Dirndl everything was perfect. We were able to see old friends and reunite with extended family. We danced so much our feet felt like they'd fall off at the end of the night, but in the excitement of it all everything was perfect and all those little moments will be cherished forever.

After the wedding we made the obvious choice to go to Munich where we made so many more amazing memories as husband and wife. We even donned our lederhosen and dirndl on our final day in the city. We took with us memories from our six years together, I finally was showed around the city that Brandon had so many stories from and we came back ready to live everyday as a Brandon and Rachel Kisker.

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January 03, 2017 — Erika Neumayer

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