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Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight: Allison Jahn Bluvas

Allison Jahn Bluvas - Milwaukee, WI 

For years, I have admired and borrowed my sister’s dirndls. My sister, Lauren, always has the right blend of fashion and German tradition. I wanted to bring that same fashion and tradition to my wedding festivities. It was time to buy my first dirndl, and my sister recommended Rare Dirndl. At the time, I was living in Boston, finishing graduate school, and planning to move back to Milwaukee. My friends and family planned a Brewer’s bachelorette tailgate and game. With a quick search on the Rare Dirndl website, I found the perfect dirndl - The Royal Treatment Dirndl!

From the first email, Erika was friendly, easy to work with, and quick to respond to my questions. I began envisioning myself at my bachelorette party in a pop of blue. When the vibrant blue dirndl arrived, I added the yellow apron (my sister’s of course) and a brewer’s pin to be the model fan and bride-to-be. My bachelorette party was a huge success. I felt special and beautiful in my Rare Dirndl. I made good use of the dirndl since then. I have also had my eye on a few other Rare Dirndl designs and recently bought the Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet, which is cute and comfortable. I love celebrating my German heritage, and Erika has created designs that are fresh and vibrant with the perfect touch of tradition. I look forward to my next dirndl from Rare! Vielen Dank Erika! 


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