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Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight - Christina Forst Wearing a Dirndl

Rare Dirndl Customer Spotlight: Christina Forst

Christina Forst - North White Plains, NY

My name is Christina Forst and I currently live in New York. This past September, I had the opportunity to travel to Germany for two weeks to visit Berlin, several small towns of Bavaria, and Munich, including attending Oktoberfest for three days. In advance of my departure, I wanted to make sure I was uniquely “outfitted” with some stylish German tracht. When I came across Rare Dirndl online (based in my hometown of Chicago, no less!) I knew that I had found my winner. I loved all the diverse styles and accessories, and, after ordering one dirndl, several off-the-shoulders and aprons to mix & match, as well as a Bavarian hat with a matching blouse that I simply couldn’t resist, I was ready for my adventure. I received so many compliments on my outfits from friends, fellow party-goers, and even local Germans. I think the uniqueness and versatility of all the styles are my two favorite things about Rare Dirndl, as well as the personalized service I received from Erika in the lead-up to my shipment.

My mother was born in Nuremberg, Germany and I also have German heritage on my father’s side, so I was very honored to be able to go there for the first time and better understand that part of my family history. And, although my boyfriend is not German by birth, you can see from the photos that he too fully embraced the experience in his lederhosen. We have had so much fun this past year preparing for our trip, not only with our outfits, but also by learning about German culture, visiting all of the amazing beer halls in and around NYC, becoming Bundesliga fans (we even attended a Bayern Munich game while there!), and believe it or not, learning about the intricacies and complexities of German beer and brewing techniques. In truth, I think we suffered a fair amount of “Germany withdrawal” after returning to the States, but we managed to resurrect our outfits back in New York in late October at Bear Mountain State Park’s annual Oktoberfest celebration, as well as at a family party where we passed out gifts we had brought back from Germany for our nieces and nephews. Thank you to Erika and the team at Rare Dirndl for helping to make this entire experience most unforgettable. (I’m addicted to dirndls now, so I will be back!)

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