Ingrid Jacobs - DeForest, WI

I have wanted a dirndl ever since I learned what a dirndl was. I have wanted a Rare Dirndl ever since I stumbled across the Rare Dirndl website. My German heritage is very important to me. My father is full German, and I learned German in school; I love brats, beer, pretzels and polka. Not only do I love all things German, but I also love learning about all cultures and celebrating different heritages, especially when it comes to clothing. I already owned a kimono and two saris, so it seemed strange to me (and everyone who knows me well) that I didn’t own a dirndl. 

I was visiting my parents in Minnesota, and we decided to go to Deutsche Tage at the Germanic-American Institute. Erika had a booth there, and I seized the opportunity to buy the dirndl of my dreams. I got an In Bloom Dirndl because I wanted the versatility that goes with it. I paired it with a royal blue semi circle skirt and a royal blue off-the-shoulder blouse. 

My favorite part is the pattern on the apron. It is so elegant. The dirndl became my favorite outfit instantly. My boyfriend and I went to his cousin’s wedding, and I got permission from the bride to wear it. I received so many compliments. Wearing it makes me feel so feminine and beautiful. This may be my first Rare Dirndl, but it certainly won’t be my last.


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October 24, 2014 — Erika Neumayer

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