Jen Stolze - Cinncinnati, OH

I am obsessed with the color yellow, the brighter the better!! It’s pretty safe to say that yellow is my all-time favorite color. So 2 years ago when I saw the Sunflower Dirndl hanging on the rack I knew I just had to have it!! Since then, I’ve worn it as many times as possible!! I always wear it during our Labor Day trips, my home Oktoberfest, or anytime I feel the need to show my German pride!! I love that I can “dress up” my dirndl by wearing a black blouse, my white blouse with the Edelweiss sleeves, my white or gray blouses. I also love that I can wear different color aprons! The fit of the Dirndl is perfect! It makes me look and feel great. I am able to take the Sunflower Dirndl and make it my own!!  The dirndls look great with my Rare Lederhosen Messenger bag too! 
My favorite thing about Rare Dirndls is that I can show my heritage and show tradition, but add a modern twist. I love going to different events and being able to check out the latest dirndls, blouses, and aprons. 
Every time I wear a Rare Dirndl, I get stopped. People are drawn to my bright yellow dirndl, but they are also drawn to the Messenger Bag. The messenger bag looks great with everything!!



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December 18, 2013 — Erika Neumayer

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