Karen Geist Chicago, IL

I love love love celebrating my German (Donauschwaben) Heritage. I am first generation American and nothing helps me celebrate my heritage better than wearing Dirndln. I have been wearing Dirndln my entire life but I love my Rare Dirndln because of how modern they are while still having a traditional feel. I now have 4 Rare Dirndln, some extra blouses, an extra apron, and accessories (including a winter hat and Edelweiss wrap bracelets).

My first Rare Dirndl is my Blackhawks Dirndl which I got shortly after the Hawks won the 2010 Stanley Cup. I was born and raised in Chicago and am excited to combine my love of Chicago, sports, and German wear. I like to wear this Dirndl in other cities/states to show off my pride! My second Rare Dirndl is my Sunflower Dirndl. This Dirndl is great for wearing in the Chicago Von Steuben German Day Parade. I recently also got the Weltmeister apron to wear with this Dirndl. I like to wear it at oktoberfests. It’s also perfect for Milwaukee German Fest with my black blouselette.



Dirndl Nummer Drei is one of my favorites. I feel so great when I wear this Dirndl. It’s the perfect length for dancing with the Nocheinmal Tanzgruppe of the American Aid Society of German Descendants. When it’s really hot in the summer, I wear my grey blouselette with it. Perfection! And finally, my custom Dirndl. It’s the most flattering Dirndl I own. It’s elegant, classy, modern, and gorgeous! I often wear this Dirndl at the annual Landestrachtenfest der Donauschwaben. This Dirndl is very special to me because I know that Erika specially designed this piece just for me and it is one-of-a-kind.



I’m looking forward to the next event where I can show off my Dirndln. I can’t wait for summer Dirndl wearing season!

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July 13, 2015 — Erika Neumayer

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