Family Heritage Cuff Bracelet

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These German heritage inspired cuff bracelets are simple and elegant with a touch of Fröhlichkeit. Each piece is hand stamped in Savannah, GA with a message to bring joy to each and everyday. They're the perfect gift for any season and stands up to everyday wear. 

"I've worn my 'TANTE' bracelet everyday for 3 weeks and it looks great. After being in saltwater, I had to polish it... but it now looks good as new and reminds me of my love for my nephew each and everyday! It is ideal for laying and I'm borderline obsessed with this bracelet."

  • Hand stamped brass cuff bracelet
  • Your choice of 5 messages 
  • 6" end to end and have about a 1" gap between the ends. Fit most adult wrists and can be formed by the wearer to better fit their wrists. (not recommended for small wrists that are 6" or smaller)
  • Made by hand in Savannah, GA

Brass is a beautiful alloy of copper and zinc. This means that when exposed to unusual elements such as salt water, harsh chemicals etc its color may change. But a quick polish with jewelry cleaner should make it shiny and new again!

(We do NOT recommend repeatedly bending this cuff or any cuff back and forth in the same location on the bracelet, as that will create a line of stress that will eventually crack.  When forming you would want to brace with your thumbs inside the cuff to distribute the bend.)