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Moon Rising Dirndl

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All the stars will align when you wear this elegant and mysterious dirndl. Whether you are a spicy Aries, intellectual Virgo, or imaginative Pieces, you will truly shine at the next American German fest with this unique dirndl. Each apron is made-to-order based on your individual astrological sign (see below for colors) and customized zodiac sign ribbon.  **NOTE: This dirndl take 5-10 days to ship** 

  • Black & white cotton moon and stars (glow in the dark!) print bodice with our regal, high-collar neckline
  • Silver metallic satin apron with assorted ribbon ties based on your individual astrological sign (see below for colors) and customized zodiac sign ribbon at the hemline 
  • Black poly peach skin skirt which is soft, matte, lightweight and flowy (plus easy to care for!)
  • Medium length skirt with 2 layers of contrast stitching at the hemline. Length is 26" from the natural waist to the hemline (about mid-calf if you are 5'4")
  • 2 side skirt pockets
  • Dirndl made in the USA (more specifically, Chicago, IL)

**NOTE: This dirndl take 5-10 days to ship** 

Not sure what size to order? Click here to get all your sizing questions answered by designer, Erika Neumayer!

Zodiac Sign Ribbon Colors 
NOTE: colors in photo may change slightly based on ribbon availability. Each apron may not have all colors listed

  • Aries: red, orange, pink
  • Taurus: green, blush, cream, slate 
  • Gemini: yellow, violet, brights 
  • Cancer: sea green, silver, white
  • Leo: gold, burnt orange, scarlet
  • Virgo: gray, navy, forest green
  • Libra: light blue, lilac, pink
  • Scorpio: burgundy, black, purple, crimson
  • Sagittarius: purple, turquoise, indigo 
  • Capricorn: dark green, brown, black, gray
  • Aquarius: bright and light blue, silver, pastels
  • Pisces: light green, sea blue, lavender & rose
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