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Casual Chic

Enough with all the fuss! You’re not about to spend hours and hours getting ready when we can get right to the fun part! Your dirndl has to be über comfortable and super chic. Whether you prefer a vest and jeans or a cotton dirndl with a touch of denim. You may want to pair a wrap bracelet or a pair of classic flats, but either way to look at it... you like to have fun, stay stress-free, but look darn cute at the same time. 

Casual Chic
26 results
The Everyday Dirndl - MADE TO ORDER - Rare Dirndl
Family Heritage Cuff Bracelet - Rare Dirndl
Women's Denim Lederhosen - Rare Dirndl
In Bloom Vest - Rare Dirndl
In Bloom Vest
$45.00 $165.00
Blouselette - Rare Dirndl
$22.00 $45.00
The Little Black Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
Off-the-Shoulder Blouse w/ Gathers - Rare Dirndl
French Horn and Elk Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Oktoberfest Charm Necklace - Rare Dirndl
Off-the-Shoulder Blouse - Rare Dirndl
Painted Edelweiss Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Only 5 left!
Pretzel Earrings - Rare Dirndl
California Florals Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
Leather Edelweiss Clip - Rare Dirndl
Only 3 left!
Family Treasures Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
White Straw Bavarian Style Hat - Rare Dirndl
Only 3 left!
Pansy Floral Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
Pansy Floral Dirndl
$329.00 $349.00
Globe Trotter Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
Cuckoo Clock Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Only 5 left!
Bridal Dirndl with Classic Square Neckline - Rare Dirndl
Soccer Ball Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Soccer Ball Earrings
$10.00 $18.00
Soccer Ball & Beer Stein Earrings - Rare Dirndl
Mystical Mountain Dirndl - Rare Dirndl
Single Pretzel Necklace on Chain - Rare Dirndl
Only 3 left!
Women's Denim Lederhosen - Rare Dirndl
Petite Antler Necklace
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