Vintage Krampus Card Mini Stickers

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Step back in time with our Vintage Krampus Postcards Sticker 3-Pack. These meticulously crafted replicas capture the hauntingly beautiful artistry of yesteryear's Krampus cards. Each high-quality vinyl sticker brings to life the enigmatic figure of Krampus, perfect for adding a touch of nostalgic mystique to your belongings. With intricate detailing and vivid colors, these stickers are a nod to the rich history of Alpine folklore. Share the magic of Krampus with friends and family or keep them as cherished collectibles. Elevate your style with this unique 3-pack today!

This 3-pack of mini stickers features vintage Krampus cards printed on durable vinyl stickers that are water-proof, resistant to scratching and sun bleaching.

  • 1 Red Vintage Krampus Card Mini Sticker (3”x2.5”)
  • 1 Light Green Vintage Krampus Card Mini Sticker (3”x2.5”)
  • 1 Ivory Vintage Krampus Card Mini Sticker (3”x2.5”)