Bridesmaid Dirndls

The bridesmaid dirndls were an elegant mix between modern and traditional! The delicate lace apron paired with the modern sleeveless blouse was a great design for the summer wedding. —Erika Hutz Chicago, IL

Bridesmaid Dirndls

  • Bring the love of your heritage to your wedding day with a beautiful Rare Dirndl Bridal Party!
  • A custom Bridesmaid Dirndl allows you to be involved in every step of the design process and bring your ideas to life and create the perfect look for your wedding day. 
  • It is designed just for Your Wedding!
  • Since Bridesmaid Dirndls are designed for your wedding, they cannot be returned. However, if you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will do our very best to ensure your happiness. 
  • There is a 3 piece minimum for Bridesmaid Dirndls and average $300 per piece.
  • Bridesmaid Dirndls take approximately 3-6 months to complete.
    We only accept orders for Bridesmaid Dirndls between October & April, but can deliver any time of year.
    E-mail or call (312) 806-5099 to get started!

    Click here get a printable pdf of the Rare Dirndl Bridal Party Packet which explains:

    • How the design process works,
    • How much it costs,
    • Why it's worth it!

    Here's what a few of her clients had said about their Bridesmaid Dirndls:

    “The custom bridesmaid dirndl from Rare Dirndl is truly a bridesmaid dress I will wear again! I loved the apron, it was gorgeous and really made the piece unique. I also loved the blouslette that was paired with it and am so happy to be able to wear it with all my other dirndls as well. It is perfect for summer events as it’ll be great to stay cool and not get dirndl blouse tan lines!”
    Ashley Harker Waukesha, WI

    Bridesmaid Dirndls

    "My first generation Austrian heritage husband and I - of German and Polish descent - decided to connect to our roots by hosting a wedding complete with lederhosen and dirndls. My husband and I picked out the fabrics for our bridesmaids and Erika created four dirndls for our garden wedding. My husband also commissioned vests for his groomsmen that were lined with material from my dress so everything visually fit together. I really can’t thank Erika enough and the pictures say it all...”
    Mary-Claire Glasenhardt Chicago, IL

    Bridesmaid Dirndls

    "Finally a bridesmaids dress I can wear again! And again, and again! Having a dirndl to wear as a bridesmaids dress was so great. Who doesn’t feel awesome when they’re wearing a dirndl?! Nobody! How often do you get to wear a comfortable bridesmaids dress that you love and feel great in? Almost never. I can’t wait to wear this dirndl again, especially knowing that it has it’s own special story behind it.” —Katherine Anetsberger Chicago, IL
    Bridesmaid Dirndls

    "Not only did I get the perfect dress but my bridesmaids each got a dress that perfectly matched our wedding and that I know they'll wear at Oktoberfests to come. The actual wedding was in true Oktoberfest spirit! The ceremony was short but filled with love and emotion and the party really lived up to our Kiskerfest nickname. What I'll remember most is how much fun everyone had. Kiskerfest was about sharing our love and some of our favorite things with the people we care most about and starting off our marriage with a lot of happiness. From the food to the music and our special Lederhosen and Dirndl everything was perfect." 
    Rachel Kisker Stockton, CA

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