One-of-a-Kind Dirndl Sale - FAQ

March 9-11, 2016

This is the Super Awesome One-of-a-Kind Sale and it is a very unique sale! Over the years, fabric has built up around here. From unique vintage fabrics and remnants that are too cool to pass up at the store, to left-overs from other projects. We have SO MUCH FABRIC! And now we want to cut it all up and use it to make you something super awesome! 

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Here’s how it works:

  1. You decide you’d like a One-of-a-Kind Sale Dirndl for $249 (about ½ what a typical one-of-a-kind custom dirndl would cost)
  2. Click Here to go the website and order a One-of-a-Kind Sale Dirndl
  3. You choose your size (check out for sizing questions and how to measure)
  4. Then you choose your length preference: Mini -20 inches from the waist to the hem (for someone 5’4” that’s about knee length) or Medi -26 inches from the waist to the hem (for someone 5’4” that’s about mid calf)
  5. Then scroll down to the notes section and type in your top 2 color choices.
  6. Now we get your order and see what fabrics we have that match your color choices and how we can use them together to create a dirndl that you’ll love.
  7. We will e-mail you a couple swatches to choose from and based on your choices we will design a dirndl.
  8. And then we get to work cutting, sewing and prepping your dirndl for its arrival at your door!


Q: What is the difference between the One-of-a-Kind Sale Dirndl and a Custom Dirndl?
A: With a Custom Dirndl you are involved in every step of the design process and Erika hunts down the fabrics and trims that your heart desires. She does multiple sketches and spends close to 8-12 hours designing and working on your dirndl. The One-of-a-Kind Sale Dirndl utilizes fabrics that we have in stock at the studio and we will make the most popular style dirndl (Classic Square Neckline Dirndl) to bring the price down for you.


Q: How do I know what size I am?
A: That’s our most commonly asked question, so we made videos to help. Click here to have all your sizing questions answered.


Q: What if I want a different bodice style?
A: If you want a different bodice style, you are probably interested in a Custom Dirndl. Click Here to learn more about Custom Dirndls.


Q: What if I purchase the One-of-a-Kind Sale Dirndl and then I end up not liking any of the fabrics you have?
A: We have a ton of fabrics here… so we guarantee that we can find a fabric in stock that you will love or we will give you your money back. How does that sound!?


Q: Can I customize this dirndl further if I pay more?
A: Of course you can! If you want more details on your dirndl and more involvement in the design process you should order a Custom Dirndl! E-mail or call us at (312) 806-5099 to start the conversation about a Custom Dirndl. (You can also learn more about Custom Dirndls by Clicking Here)


Q: Does the One-of-a-Kind Sale Dirndl come with a blouse?
A: Nope. We have a variety of styles on our website or you can have a custom blouse made to match your dirndl. Click here to see all our blouses.


Q: Will you do this sale again in the future? I’m not ready right now.
A: It may be a long time before we find ourselves with overflow fabric again, so unfortunately no. (The last time we did a sale like this was 2012…)


Q: I’m still confused and have questions!
A: No worries! E-mail or call us at (312) 806-5099 and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

We're taking a quick vacation!

ORDERS WILL SHIP AUGUST 8th - Dirndling is hard work... so we're taking a week to rejuvenate. Please note that all orders placed between July 27 and August 7 will ship on AUGUST 8th. We thank you for your understanding.