For many women, what they wore can bring back memories just as strongly as taste and sound. For my Grandma… in order for her to fully remember an event, I always need to describe what I was wearing. This week, I am taking a trip back in time to remember a little bit about my childhood as it relates to my first dirndl memories.
My mom first brought my sister and I to the Kindergruppe when I was around 4 years old, and since that day every other Friday night, you would find us dancing (most of the time reluctantly) with the American Aid Society Kindergruppe. The Kindergruppe performances are where my memories of wearing a dirndl were formed. I know that I had a little red dirndl when I was much younger, but the first dirndl I remember loving was a pink plaid dirndl. I loved that little pink heart that hangs to the side and I remember loving to spin and twirl in my dirndl because the skirt was so full… too much fun!
When my girlfriends and I started talking about this topic, it was so funny to see their faces as they took a moment to think about it… and then their eyes lit up! "Oh, I remember my favorite! It was the purple one with the flowers!" or "YES… the red one with the polka dots!" It seems that anyone who grew up in the German community wearing dirndls as a child can relate and has that "Ah ha!" moment when they recall that first dirndl they remember wearing and loving. Did this little pink plaid dirndl start my love affair with dirndls… maybe! I can't say for sure, but I do know that I am forever grateful that my mom dragged me to kindergruppe practice on fridays and dressed me in my little dirndls.

My Beautiful Mother, Me, and my little sister, Monika (1992)

Elizabeth and her American Girl Doll 

I don't make children's dirndls often, but my hope is always that their Rare Dirndl is going to be the one they refer to as their first favorite. Here are a few of the littlest dirndls I've made and I think the looks on their faces say it all.

Oliva and Elizabeth

Dotti in her little Blackhawks Dirndl

"Audrey LOVES her new dirndl! She said she's never taking it off!"

Elsie probably won't remember wearing her first Rare Dirndl Onesie, be she will surely look adorable in it!

One of the newest trends in social media is Throwback Thursday! Using the hashtag #tbt or #throwbackthursday, people post old pictures to bring back some great memories! This week we would love to see some good ol' little dirndls for Throwback Thursday! Post your #tbt pic on Facebook and/or Instagram using #tbtdirndl so we can all enjoy those pics.
P.S. Here is a video from 1993 of the AAS Kindgruppe in case you'd like to critique my dancing skills at age 7.
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April 08, 2014 — Erika Neumayer

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