Back in 2010, when I started Rare Dirndl, I knew I had to do 3 things: make an all Leopard Print Dirndl (check), create a couture Dirndl gown to create buzz (check), and design an Off-the-Shoulder Blouse that actually stays off-the-shoulder. A wonderful woman from Germany taught me a few things about sewing dirndls and she made me an off-the-shoulder blouse, but I hardly wore it because every time I moved my arms… it would pop-up onto my shoulder, dig into my armpit and I was constantly futsing with it. It was annoying, but I loved the look.

Check out the video below to see why the Rare Dirndl Off-the-Shoulder Dirndl Blouse is so great, or feel free to keep on reading and checking out the pics from some of our happy customers!


It took a couple samples, some trial and error, but I finally figured out a way to make the sleeves stay off-the-shoulder! The secret is… well I probably shouldn't share because, then it wouldn't be a secret… but I really love you guys and think you want to know… hmmm… OK! I'll share! The secret is in the elastic. I use 4 separate pieces of elastic in just the top portion of the blouse instead of 1, and then each piece is tacked in place, making the elastic tighter around the upper arm and less likely to pop-up.

And I'm not the only one who loves my Off-the-Shoulder Blouse, these are a few comments I've heard throughout the years. "I make all my daughter's dirndls for them… but I can't replicate that blouse. I'll take 4!" or "I play the trumpet for my band and I had no problems with the blouse on stage, I'll take another one in black!" or my favorite, "Our dance group would like to order 30 because we can't find anyone who wants to make them and we hear your's are the best!"


I love that last one because of the "no one wants to make them" part… They are a pain in the ass to make. One of the seamstresses I work with told me politely, "please don't bring me anymore of those blouses, it takes too long". I still sew many of the Off-the-Shoulder Blouses myself and only trust select local manufactures to make them because some people overlook the tiny details that are so important to that blouse!


I offer this blouse in my favorite blouse fabric (a poly/cotton blend that washes beautifully and comes out of the dryer like a dream) in White, Black and as of today, Ivory and Grey! It is hands down my most popular item. Every time I produce it, I run out! I have stock now, and hopefully it will last me through the summer and Oktoberfest season.

Even the Detroit Red Wings Team loves their Off-the-Shoulder Blouses! 


Have you had struggles with keeping an "off-the-shoulder" blouse off-the-shoulder? Do you have a Rare Dirndl Off-the-Shoudler Blouse? I would love to hear your comments below!

Wildflower Dirndl


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April 01, 2014 — Erika Neumayer

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