If you’re planning a springtime visit to Munich or seeking an alternative to the bustling Oktoberfest, Frühlingsfest is the perfect choice.

Occurring yearly at the Theresienwiese, this traditional yet relaxed festival offers an array of beer tents, amusement rides, and cultural events.

Ideal for families and those who prefer a quieter celebration, our guide provides an insider’s look at what makes Frühlingsfest an authentic and enjoyable Bavarian experience.

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Quick Highlights

  • Frühlingsfest in Munich is a family-friendly spring festival with Bavarian traditions, offering a relaxed atmosphere with fewer crowds compared to Oktoberfest, featuring unique attractions like live music, beer tents, and a variety of food and rides.

  • The festival includes main beer tents Festhalle Bayernland and Hippodrom, where you can enjoy traditional Bavarian music, beer, and food, alongside special events like Family Days, Firework Fridays, and a Giant Flea Market.

  • Plan your visit with practical tips for transportation and accommodation, and budget for expenses like traditional food, local beer, and carnival rides, while enjoying the festival’s vibrant culture responsibly.

Embracing Frühlingsfest: Munich's Spring Festival

The Frühlingsfest, the biggest spring festival in Munich, offers a perfect mix of tradition and entertainment.

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Dating back to 1965, this yearly celebration takes place at Theresienwiese’s festival grounds and is filled with lively music, merriment, and clinking beer steins as people come together to rejoice in the season.

It serves as a more intimate option compared to Oktoberfest but still maintains that authentic Bavarian charm that makes these festivals so special.

Visitors can expect various activities at the Frühlingsfest such as displays featuring old farming machinery or traditional Trachten costumes.

There is also a flea market where you can find all kinds of items for sale. With something for everyone’s taste buds and interests alike (from fun rides to cultural showcases), it’s no wonder why this event has become an annual highlight among locals and tourists alike.

What is Frühlingsfest?

Frühlingsfest, also known as the “sister festival of Oktoberfest,” is a popular two-week event that marks the beginning of folk festivals.

Dating back to 1964, this celebration in Munich offers an authentic experience with fewer crowds compared to its larger counterpart.

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Instead of multiple Ferris Wheels and various beer tents, Frühlingsfest boasts one Ferris Wheel and large traditional Bavarian food stands.

Featuring two large beer tents throughout, a covered outdoor area for drinking beer, amusement rides, games, and a range of delicious food options, the senses are indulged at Frühlingsfest’s delightful festivities.

Why attend Frühlingsfest?

Munich Frühlingsfest offers a delightful opportunity to immerse oneself in Bavarian culture without the hustle and bustle of Oktoberfest. As the biggest spring festival in Munich, it exudes a warm and relaxed ambiance that is enjoyed by both natives and tourists alike.

Exciting rides, special events such as Family Days, Firework Fridays, Bierkönigin (Beer Queen), Oldtimer Cars display, and Brauchtumstag (Day of Traditions) add charm to this festivity.

With plenty of activities lined up including live music performances and an enormous flea market on its first Saturday, this event guarantees non-stop entertainment for everyone.

two women wearing dirndl germany with dirndl blouses and flower crowns in a beer tent

Even more appealing is the presence of traditional beer brewing techniques, which gives guests a true taste of Munich’s local flavors. And what makes this occasion even better is that you can avoid the hectic crowds typically associated with Oktoberfest while still experiencing all this festive season has to offer.

The Giant Flea Market along with lively musical shows make for an unforgettable experience at Munich Frühlingfestival. Hence, it remains adored by both locals as well as visitors who are looking to get immersed in German customs during one pleasant spring Saturday without having to leave Munich city.

The Beer Tents and Gardens

No trip to Frühlingsfest is complete without experiencing the lively atmosphere of its two beer tents.. The festival boasts two main tents, namely the Festhalle Bayernland and The Hippodrom, each offering a diverse selection of beers, food options, and entertainment for all tastes.

Now let’s delve into the distinctive features offered by these popular beer tents at Frühlingsfest.

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Festhalle Bayernland

At over 40 years old, the Festhalle Bayernland is the most historic and oldest tent here at the festival. This beloved spot offers a taste of tradition with:

  • An assortment of Paulaner lagers

  • A fruity and sweet weissbier

  • Iconic Bavarian dishes such as Weißwurst (white sausage), Brezn (pretzel), and Obatzda (spicy cheese spread).

Not only can visitors indulge in authentic food and drinks here, but they can also enjoy traditional Bavarian music for an immersive cultural experience to cherish forever.

couple holding liters of beer at the spring festival in munich wearing german traditional dress

The Hippodrom

At the Hippodrom tent, visitors can experience a different atmosphere while enjoying live shows by talented artists such as the Högl Fun Band and Bergluft. Other bands like Ois Easy also take to the stage for lively performances.

This unique spot can accommodate up to 2,000 people and offers a range of delicious food options along with Spaten’s traditional Wiesn beer.

As it used to be an actual hippodrome in its past life, this tent provides an interesting historical backdrop for festival-goers looking for some fun and entertainment.

Frühlingsfest Attractions and Rides

Aside from the traditional beer tents, Frühlingsfest boasts a wide variety of entertainment and rides that are suitable for both adventurous individuals and families.

With heart-pumping attractions such as the ‘XXL Racer’ to more family-oriented options like pony riding and a beach party, there is no shortage of fun at this festival.

woman wearing a dirndl plus size - german traditional dress

Thrilling Rides

For thrill-seekers, Frühlingsfest provides a variety of exhilarating attractions to satisfy your adrenaline cravings. These include Top Spin Fresh, Wild water rafting, bumper cars and various roller coaster rides.

One must-try experience is the Ferris Wheel, which stands at an impressive height of 50 meters and offers breathtaking views of the festival grounds.

Each ride has its own price, so you have the freedom to choose based on your preferred level of adventure. Frühlingsfest truly caters to all types with something for everyone in this exciting festival atmosphere.

woman wearing german traditional dress at a volksfest in munich

Family-Friendly Fun

Families with kids can have a blast at the carnival, complete with traditional games, indoor rides, and even pony rides. There’s also a beach-themed party to enjoy.

Moreover, you don’t want to miss out on special Family Day deals offering discounted rates for an affordable yet enjoyable day out with your loved ones!

Special Events and Highlights

Frühlingsfest is more than just a celebration of beer and amusement rides. Along with these traditional elements, the festival also features a variety of exciting events and attractions that enhance its overall festive atmosphere.

Experience dazzling Firework Fridays, browse through the massive Giant Flea Market, or admire vintage cars in the special Vintage Car Parade - all part of what makes Frühlingsfest truly one-of-a-kind.

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Firework Fridays

Every Friday evening at 10 PM throughout the event, Theresienwiese is illuminated by a magnificent fireworks show.

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Giant Flea Market Extravaganza

The Frühlingsfest’s Giant Flea Market is renowned as Bavaria’s largest, boasting a whopping 2000 vendors selling an array of items. From rare antiques to one-of-a-kind treasures, there is something for every savvy shopper.

To fully enjoy your flea market adventure, try to arrive early and take your time perusing checking out all the vendors! 

Vintage Car Parade

The Vintage Car Parade is a highly recommended event for those passionate about cars. Attendees can admire an array of classic vehicles, ranging from priceless pre-war models to iconic American chrome cruisers.

To the impressive display of automobiles, visitors will also enjoy traditional Bavarian music and dances that enhance the festive atmosphere.

woman wearing a dirndl plus size at Frühlings fest

Frühlingsfest Fashion: Dirndls and Lederhosen

If you are planning a trip to Frühlingsfest, be it this year, next year, or sometime in the distant future, dressing for the Wiesn is a must! (I guess technically… it's not a requirement, but this just adds more fun to the event).

Both locals and tourists wear traditional Bavarian clothing and traditional clothing. For women, it is a Dirndl and for men, it’s Lederhosen. 

  • A Dirndl typically consists of a sleeveless dress with a blouse underneath and an apron at the waist. (It’s what the St. Pauli Girl wears). 

  • Lederhosen literally translates to leather pants. It is the quintessential embroidered leather pants with suspenders typically worn with a plaid or white shirt.

Partaking in Frühlingsfest also presents a chance to embrace the fashion of Bavaria. The festival is often filled with individuals adorned in traditional garments, including dirndls for women and lederhosen for men.

Let’s delve into the specifics of these customary ensembles and discover where they can be obtained.

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Men's Attire

At the Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, men typically don a traditional outfit that includes lederhosen, along with a white or checkered shirt, proper socks and comfortable footwear. To complete their look, they wear an Alpine hat adorned with feathers. This is the same for the spring festival. 

couple wearing bavarian clothing at oktoberfest in munich germany

Women's Attire

Women typically choose a dirndl as their traditional outfit for Frühlingsfest. This ensemble consists of a blouse, fitted bodice, full skirt that ends around or below the knee and an apron. To complete the look, we recommend you wear comfortable closed-toe shoes.

Unlike your typical cocktail or sundress, a Dirndl has many pieces. Here are all the parts of a Dirndl.

Dirndl Bodice 

This is the top part of the Dirndl from the waist up. It has either a zipper or button closure. More intricate styles will have braids, trimming, ribbons, chain etc on the bodice.

woman wearing clothes from germany - dirndl dress plus size

Dirndl Skirt

The skirt is often attached to the bodice at the waist. It is a full skirt with gathers or pleats. Some Dirndl dresses have pockets. (cough cough ALL Rare Dirndls have 2 pockets). Dirndl skirts come in a variety of skirt lengths but the rule of thumb is the dirndl shouldn't be too short, no more than an inch or two above the knee. 

Dirndl Apron 

This is a gathered or pleated piece of fabric that drapes over the front of the skirt and is tied in the back or front in a bow. 

  • Where you tie this bow matters! Tie the bow to your left, if you are single. Tie it to the right if you are in a relationship. If you tie it in the center front, it will signify that you are a virgin and if you tie it in the back, it says you are widowed or a waitress working the fest. Just pick right or left. 

Dirndl Blouse

The blouse is worn under the Dirndl and is typically white or ivory. Black blouses are also available and very stylish. These can be changed based on the event, personal style, or the weather. Some styles are designed to be worn without a blouse or have sleeves already attached, in which case the Dirndl blouse is not necessary.

Looking into getting a blouse from Rare Dirndl? Check out my Blouse Sizing Guide blog.

Bloomers or Pettipants (optional)

These go underneath the skirt, so if you choose to dance on a bench, table or polka very quickly… any wandering eyes will see adorable little pants under your skirt instead of your undies.     

Petticoat (optional) 

Also worn under the skirt, a petticoat adds fun and flair to a skirt. This extra poof is not required but is a cute look. Note the lace of a petticoat should never peek out too much below the hem of the skirt.

two women wearing clothes from germany at Oktoberfest in munich

Navigating Frühlingsfest: Transportation and Accommodation Tips

Properly preparing for your visit to Frühlingsfest is crucial to ensure that you have the best time!!

From navigating your way to Theresienwiese, the festival grounds, to selecting suitable accommodations, we have you covered with helpful transportation and lodging suggestions.

Getting to Theresienwiese

Getting to Theresienwiese in Munich for the festival is most convenient with the city’s public transportation system. You can easily reach the event by taking either subway line U4 or U5, which will directly bring you to Theresienwiese.

If buses are your preferred mode of transport, make sure to get off at one of two nearby stops: Alter Messeplatz and Holzkirchner Bahnhof.

If arriving from Munich Airport, expect a taxi ride that could cost anywhere between 85€ and 110€ depending on traffic conditions.

Where to Stay in Munich

Finding suitable accommodation in Munich is essential for a comfortable visit to the Frühlingsfest. Whether you prefer camping or staying at a hotel, there are various options available that cater to different budgets and preferences.

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Savoring Frühlingsfest: Food and Drink Recommendations

An essential part of Frühlingsfest is its food and beverage options, which are sure to delight visitors. With a range of offerings from classic Bavarian dishes to an array of beers hailing from Munich’s top breweries, there is something for everyone’s taste buds.

Let us now explore the must-try culinary delights and beer selections available at this eventful festival.

Must-Try Foods

During Frühlingsfest, one can indulge in a variety of traditional Bavarian delicacies. A must-try is the classic Weißwurst (white sausage) as well as other favorites like Brezn (pretzels), Obatzda (spicy cheese spread) and Käsespätzle (cheese noodles).

To complete your authentic Bavarian dining experience, be sure to pair these dishes with some tangy sauerkraut or hearty potato salad - both perfect accompaniments to the star of the meal, pork knuckle.

oktobefest pretzel served in munich where you would wear german clothes

Beer Selections

At Frühlingsfest, the beer tents offer a variety of options from Munich’s main breweries. You can enjoy an authentic Augustiner beer as well as selections from Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner and Spaten.

Each tent offers a unique experience so be sure to visit multiple ones in order to find your preferred type of beer.

oktoberfest foods served in munich where you would wear german clothes

Essential Frühlingsfest Tips

Proper preparation is crucial for a memorable Frühlingsfest experience. From setting aside funds for daily spending to managing your energy levels throughout the festival, we have essential advice to ensure you make the most out of this eventful occasion.

Budgeting for the Festival

When getting ready for Frühlingsfest, it is crucial to budget properly. Be prepared to allocate at least 50 euros per day in cash for beverages, meals, and amusement park rides as cards are not accepted at the event.

It’s important to note that prices can vary during the festival, with a liter of beer typically costing around 8 euros while food prices may vary depending on the type of dish you choose. Make sure to have enough cash on hand throughout your time there.

Pace Yourself

Frühlingsfest is meant to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Though it may be tempting to indulge in everything at once, don’t forget to take breaks between drinks, trying different beers and fully embrace the festival ambiance. It’s important to consume alcohol responsibly and stay hydrated by regularly drinking water.

Keep in mind that Frühlingsfest is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in Bavarian traditions and create lasting memories.

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The Frühlingsfest in Munich is a lively and intimate event celebrating spring, offering an authentic Bavarian atmosphere.

With traditional beer tents serving delicious local cuisine, thrilling rides and special activities, this festival caters to all ages. Whether you are a first-timer or a frequent attendee, our guide has everything you need for the ultimate Frühlingsfest experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of Frühlingsfest?

Frühlingsfest means “spring festival” in German and it is an annual family-friendly celebration of the spring season that takes place in cities across Germany.

Is Frühlingsfest worth it?

Certainly, even for those who aren’t enthusiastic about drinking beer, Frühlingsfest still holds great value.

This festival offers much more than just opportunities to drink beer - attendees can also enjoy a diverse range of activities including vendor booths, amusement rides and a classic car exhibition.

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What do you wear to Frühlingsfest?

For Frühlingsfest, dress in a dirndl paired with a white blouse, socks and comfortable shoes. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit and consider adding a light sweater for extra warmth. A killer braid would also be the perfect finishing touch.

Do you need tickets for Springfest Munich?

You do not require tickets to attend Springfest Munich as admission is free. There will be no charge for entering the beer tents where you can enjoy delicious beers in abundance at this festival held in Munich.

How does Frühlingsfest differ from Oktoberfest?

The Frühlingsfest sets itself apart from the Oktoberfest due to its smaller size, lower crowd levels, and focus on being family-friendly. As a result, it offers a more cozy and personal setting for those visiting the festival.

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