Today's People and Things We Love feature is the Graf family and their awesome food truck SCHNITZels & GIGGLES!

I first met the Graf family at German Fest Milwaukee in 2014 and they are simply the most friendly family and they have delicious food to boot! They travel around the country selling their homemade food like Potato Pancakes, Sausages, French Fries and of course, their staple... the Schnitzel on a Stick! All sh**ts and giggles aside, their food is the real deal. One of the most delicious schnitzels I have ever eaten came from their food truck. Here is a little bit more about the family and their yummy business!

Robert and Alexandra Graf’s new adventure started in 2010 while they still owned the Award winning German Restaurant ALPHORN BISTRO at the Inn at Danbury, which they lost due to the recession in 2011. You may have seen them in the Graf-Medici episode of ABC’s reality show “Wife Swap” which still airs from time to time on Lifetime TV. The Vision for a Mobile German Food Concession sprang from the imagination of Chef Robert Graf when he took his family to a fair in 2009 in New Hampshire. He and his wife Alexandra launched SCHNITZels & GIGGLES as a way to help publicize the Inn at Danbury and bring in a few extra guests. Serving our fresh, homemade German Street Food in the concession trailer is similar in concept to that of the former Alphorn Bistro. The food we serve in the mobile German Food concession trailer is fun and great for a fast snack. Our “Schnitzel on a Stick” is the featured item and Street Food you won’t see this unique anywhere else in the USA or in Germany or Austria! Other menu offerings consist of: Homemade Bratwurst, Knackwurst, Potato Pancakes, Pommes Frites, Sauerkraut, Braised Red Cabbage, and at times a special menu item such as Jäger Schnitzel or a Sauerbraten Sandwich will be offered at a venue. As you can see by the schedule they offer their Award Winning German Street Food from the East to the West Coast and many places in between at Air Shows, Fairs, Festivals, Art Shows, Bike Weeks, and Balloon Festivals. They are most wanted at Oktoberfest celebrations all over the USA. Their awards include: Blue Ribbon for Best Fair Food at their first fair, The Cheshire Fair, NH in 2010. Best German Fair Food from the editors of NH Magazine 2011. Red Ribbon for Best Looking Concessionaire at the Bolton Fair, MA in 2011. Red Ribbon for best food at the Barnstable County Fair, MA in 2011. Yellow ribbon for being best concessionaire at the 4county fair, CT in 2011. They have also had numerous write ups in magazines and newspapers on the East Coast.

We LOVE Bob, Alex, Meagan, and Daphne and can't wait to see them again this year at German Fest Milwaukee. I also love that Meagan often wears her Weltmeister Dirndl while she works!


Check out their event schedule and be sure to find them at the upcoming festivals because their German style street food is too delicious to miss! Be sure to follow the Graf family adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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April 16, 2015 — Erika Neumayer

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