This coming weekend is one of the most highly anticipated weekends of the year: Gaufest! Whether you have been practicing  for the past 6 months for the Gruppenpreisplatteln or just coming to represent your club and reunite with old friends, there are 9 ways you know that it's Gaufest.

#9- Your putting the final touches on your outfit for Sunday's Abschiedsfeier - This year's theme is: Milwaukee Theme With a Harley Emphasis, so you've got your leather vest, Harley-Davidson T-shirt, biker bandada ready to go... maybe a temporary tattoo to really bring it all together?

#8- You can do your competition dance in your sleep - Even your dreams are about Gaufest. By now you can close your eyes and do the dances without even hearing the music... that's how ready you are!

#7- You have a list of things you need to replace, repair, or wash - Does that feather need to be refreshed? Hat too small? Should you bring your old stein or get a new one? Hole in your sock... replace or repair? When was the last time your Schal was cleaned? All these things and more are jotted down on a list and now it's crunch time!

#6- You have your dirndl ready to debut at the Welcome Dance - Is it a new dirndl that you picked up in Munich? Your favorite vintage dirndl that your Oma had? Maybe a Rare Dirndl? Whatever it is, you've got it packed and ready to show it off on Thursday's Welcome Dance  

#5- Your iron has been running a marathon - Wrinkles beware... your Bügeln skills have been honed, and every blouse and every apron is pressed to perfection!  

#4- You have a Bavarian Mall shopping list - Does someone need new lederhosen from Licht? Had your eye on our new Apron Purse? Most people have a grocery list on their fridge, but not you... you've got a list of all the things you need to see at the Bavarian Mall (we're in Executive Ballroom D, wink wink)  

#3- You're attempting to stock pile sleep in anticipation for 12:01- You know that the hospitality rooms are going to be home base for party central come 12:01 on Saturday, so you're going to bed early all week in anticipation of Saturday night's epic party!

#2- Your silver and shoe polish haven't seen this much use since... well last Gau - People can start calling you the polish master because your jewelry and your shoes are glistening like new. Oma would not approve of tarnished silver or scuffed shoes!

#1- You already have butterflies in your stomach because you get to see all your Trachtler friends and spend 3 full days with them! - Seeing your friends from around the country again is a feeling you can't describe. Yes, there is Facebook so we can creep on what they're doing and see how they've grown, but nothing is better than seeing them again at Gaufest!  

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July 28, 2015 — Erika Neumayer

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