The Everyday Dirndl is a dirndl closet must have. It’s not only comfortable and versatile, but at first glance… it totally looks like a great sundress! This means you can get away with wearing it out to more than just Oktoberfest! AND it’s machine washable, so you can wear it to do your regular day-to-day activities too. Below are 101 things to do in your Everyday Dirndl: 

  1. Work from home
  2. To work for casual Friday (or as they do in Bavaria, trachten Freitag)
  3. Attending a Zoom call
  4. Wipe down your counters and most frequently touched things such as your phone, light switches, remotes, door handles etc
  5. Wash your hands
  6. Shop the farmers market

  7. Shop at the grocery store
  8. Shop online
  9. Go to class 
  10. Attend class virtually
  11. Change a flat tire
  12. Host a Backyard Oktoberfest 
  13. Have dinner at a local Hofbräuhaus 
  14. Have lunch at your favorite German Restaurant 
  15. Have dinner at my favorite German Restaurant, Laschet’s Inn 
  16. Have a meal at any other restaurant for that matter!

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  17.  Eat a carry-out dinner at home
  18.  Cook dinner for the family
  19.  Cook dinner for just yourself
  20.  Bake a strudel 
  21.  Bake brownies
  22.  Bake anything!


  23.  Give a presentation for the high school German club
  24.  Volunteer in the kitchen for your German club
  25.  Volunteer at the ticket table for your German club
  26.  Volunteer… at any station for your local German club 
  27.  Volunteer with a local non-profit
  28.  Volunteer at your kids school
  29.  Go to your cousin’s Bavarian themed birthday party
  30.  Go to your other cousin’s non-Bavarian themed birthday party
  31.  Host your own Bavarian themed birthday party
  32.  On a brewery tour
  33.  For picture day at school
  34.  Go to a pretzel making class
  35.  Have a beer tasting
  36.  Have a pretzel tasting (if that’s not a thing, then it should be a thing)
  37. Make your own pretzels
  38.  Frolic in the fields of Garmisch-Partenkirchen 
  39.  Frolic in a generic midwestern field of corn
  40.  Frolic in your own backyard
  41.  Visit a castle 
  42.  Visit that friend you haven’t seen in a while
  43.  Watch a movie in a theater
  44.  Watch a movie in your home
  45.  Watch a German soccer game
  46.  Watch a basketball game
  47.  Watch any sporting event on TV
  48.  See a play
  49.  See an opera like: Der Ring des Nibelungen 
  50.  Go on a family picnic
  51.  Go on a personal picnic
  52.  Take a nap on the couch
  53.  Sleep in bed   
  54.  Binge watch a new show on Hulu
  55.  Netflix and chill 
  56.  On a date night 
  57.  Visit a zoo
  58.  Visit an aquarium 
  59.  Visit a museum 
  60.  Visit an arboretum 
  61.  Mow the lawn
  62.  Work in the garden


  63.  Sit and admire your garden
  64.  Sit and admire other people gardens 
  65.  Clean the kitchen 
  66.  Clean the living room
  67.  Wash the floors
  68.  Sort laundry 
  69.  Put laundry in the washing machine
  70.  Hang clothes out to dry 
  71.  Fold laundry
  72.  Pick up toys your kids left all over the place
  73.  Pick up toys your friends’ kids left all over the place
  74.  Do a puzzle
  75.  Do a puzzle with your kids
  76.  Teach a class
  77.  Homeschool your kids
  78.  Have an afternoon wine while you homeschool your kids
  79.  Have an afternoon wine for no reason at all 
  80.  Enjoy Kaffee und Kuchen with your Oma
  81.  Enjoy Kaffee und Kuchen with your best girlfriend 
  82.  Have a kitchen dance party with your family
  83.  Practice the accordion 
  84.  Play the guitar 
  85.  Watch someone else play the guitar
  86.  Sing a song 
  87.  Go for a drive
  88.  Go for a nice quiet walk
  89.  Snuggle with a baby
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  90.  Meditate
  91.  Shop online 
  92.  Play a boardgame  
  93.  Play a card game
  94.  Play Mensch ärgere Dich nicht
  95.  Listen to a podcast
  96.  Watch the Sound of Music again
  97.  Celebrate a family member’s birthday
  98.  Celebrate your friend’s birthday
  99.  Celebrate your birthday!
  100. Eventually to attend Oktoberfest in Munich
  101. To do anything you want to!

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101 Things to do in your Everyday Dirndl - Pinterest
September 13, 2020 — Erika Neumayer

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