Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to make an outfit my own. And that idea doesn’t stop at dirndls. Just because you are wearing your dirndl doesn’t mean you are confined to wearing a traditional white dirndl blouse, an edelweiss choker and mary-janes! I LOVE to get creative with the styling and customization of my personal dirndls and below are the 5 easiest ways to style your dirndl to fit your personality (or the event… because a backyard German dinner date calls for a different look than a wedding).

1 | Wear one of your everyday shirts/blouses instead of a traditional dirndl blouse

This is such a fun concept and I LOVE to play with this. I know I’m not alone when I say that while I enjoy the look of a puff sleeve dirndl blouse, I don’t enjoy the tightness around my arm that comes with the elastic. Grabbing one of your t-shirts, tanks, or knit blouses from your closet and trying it on under your dirndl can not only completely change the look of the outfit, but could also make it more comfortable to wear all day!

woman in a dirndl dress holding a baby carrier and helping a toddler out of a car
man in a German soccer jersey standing with a woman wearing a black dirndl dress with a Bavarian style hat

2 | Switch up the apron

Having multiple aprons for one dirndl is a super easy way to change up the vibe. You can use something like the Embroidered Rosette Apron for a more elegant affair, or the fun cotton print like Soccer Ball Apron for your afternoon socially distant soiree. You can also grab a belt from your closet and see how that changes the look!

collection of images of women wearing dirndls

3 | Jazz it up with jewelry

We probably all have a collection of “Dirndl Jewelry” stashed somewhere. You know, those edelweiss necklaces etc. Personally, I end up wearing things like the Edelweiss Wrap Bracelet more on an everyday basis… but folks tend to forget that the reverse is also fun! Try wearing a big chunky crystal ring, your favorite hoop earrings, or that big statement necklace you’d usually save for a little black dress. Who says you can’t wear that with your Little Black Dirndl.

woman wearing a grey and black bridesmaid dirndl at a German themed wedding

4 | Get creative with your headpiece

Again… I love taking my dirndl looks to an 11 by adding a Bavarian Style Hat, but there are other options too! Maybe a cloth headscarf. Try a floral crown! Or you can wear another hat that makes you feel fabulous, and if that’s your favorite baseball cap, then rock it! 

woman wearing a floral crown with a brown dirndl dress - great oktoberfest outfit
woman with long blonde hair and grey hat wearing a black dirndl dress for a German festival in chicago

5 | Your own fabulous footwear

Feeling the need to only wear Mary-Janes with your dirndl? STOP IT! Switch it up! Wanna wear your Doc Martens, your customized Vans, or your sexy pointy pumps? DO IT! Taking your favorite everyday footwear and using them for your dirndl look is such a fun (and easy) way to bring your personal style into your dirndl look. 

woman wearing a modern dirndl at oktoberfest in Munich
woman wearing an equestrian themed dirndl dress at oktoberfest in Munich

Have fun with this! Styling your dirndl doesn’t have to be daunting and limited to what you’re “supposed to wear with your dirndl”. One of the reasons I enjoy wearing my dirndl for more than just German club picnics or Oktoberfests is that it has the ability to be styled in many different ways. My favorite dirndl to style right now is the Everyday Dirndl! With its minimalist vibe and classic fit, this dirndl is so easy to dress up, down and anywhere in between.

two women wearing dirndls playing with a little boy in a baseball cap
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It’s so simple, yet so remarkably cute! I want to legit wear this everyday. The 2 side pockets + the fact that it’s machine washable make it that much better. I can’t wait to style this 100+ ways! - Monika B. 

girl in a green dirndl dress and a Bavarian style hat - great oktoberfest outfit


Ever wonder which dirndl style you are? Click here to take our quiz and find out now! 

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