This year I am participating in Dressember, a month long style challenge in which I will wear a dress or a dirndl everyday in December in an effort to raise awareness and funds to end modern day slavery and sex trafficking. Over the years this movement has grown and if you are interested in this idea and some of the awesome women taking on this challenge, I highly recommend you check out these 7 women. Their energies are contagious and I hope you enjoy following their journeys through Dressember as well as my own.  

Blythe Hill

Her journey started long before Dressember became a movement. She learned how human trafficking is somehow the fastest growing criminal industry in the world and slavery is still a huge problem considering there are over 35 million people currently trapped in slavery. In 2013, what was a personal style challenge that she had done for years with her girlfriends now had a mission. She partnered with IJM, the largest anti-slavery organization in the world. Today, Dressember partners with many organizations and has set a big goal of $3,000,000. You can check out the Dressember instagram @dressember but I love following it's founder @blythehill. Her style is easy going, chic and she's so punny!  (get it… funny… with puns...😉).  

Jennifer Morrison

Jen is a fellow Chicagoan (well, suburbanite, but I won't hold that against her), recognizable from shows like "House M.D." and star of "Once Upon a Time" (yes, I've seen every episode of both shows). Jen has participated in previous years and this year she's designed a dress specifically for #Dressember! You can follow her Instagram @jenmorrisonlive to see her journey though Dressember and checkout her design here.     

Jessica Rey

Jessica Rey might be most well known for her time as the Pink and White Power Ranger on the television show Power Rangers Wild Force. But what I love her most for is for telling a male investor to basically shove it when he said that he would only invest in her swimsuit business if she hired a full time nanny for her 3 kids. She is the DEFINITION of Momtrepreneur: runs her own swimsuit line, homeschools her kiddos, wrote a book, does talk shows, book signing and finds time to travel... I mean I don't know how she does it! You can follow her in Instagram @itsjesmylife and check out her website


Jeannie - alittleaboutalot

I love her because she really loves a little about everything. From fashion to home decor, healthy parenting hacks and bits of encouragement here and there, her social media is so fun to follow. Jeannie has been participating in Dressember since day 1 and has every year since. If you want to participate in Dressember but are worried about "not having enough dresses" her style ideas and thrifting tips will help you get through the 31 days with only a handful of dresses for sure! Follow her journey in Instagram @alittleaboutalot or on her YouTube Channel. 

Jaclyn Dowdle

She was frustrated (like many of us *cough* *cough*) about how hard it was to find clothing that you could trace its origins so you feel good that everyone was paid a fair wage in its creation. Her brand, Trove believes that "fashion is a powerful tool for storytelling. Our designs intentionally incorporate the traditions, fabrics, and techniques of the countries we work in because those stories need to be shared with the world. While the final product will no doubt be celebrated, it’s secondary to the personal, cultural and historical stories of our Partners." She has also recently joined ye ol' Momtreprenur club (are you finding a theme here haha) so be sure to follow her in Instagram @jaclyndowdle and check out her line of ethically sourced and really unique designers on the Trove website:       

Hannah Britton

This amazing advocate of Dressember did something radical last year. She decided to give up what most women consider very important... her hair. She had her hair braided into over 50 small braids and then for everyone that donated $10 towards her Dressember campaign, she cut off a strand. By doing this she raised over $615 and this dramatic makeover inspired many other women to join her in wearing a dress every day in December as well as raise money for the cause. This inspirational young lady is definitely worth following through the month. Check out her Instagram @hamaritt.


Kyra Rane

This Wisconsin based photographer is not your average everyday wedding photographer. She puts so much heart into her work as well as the giving back aspect of her business. Not only does she participate in Dressember, but she also constantly gives back by being a vendor with Black Sheep Bride, a wedding resource for couples who want to use their wedding day to support and give back to causes they are passionate about.... AND with every wedding booked with Kyra Rane Photography, a percentage is donated to local organization Eye Heart World. A nonprofit dedicated to combating human sex trafficking through awareness, prevention and aftercare. Her Instagram @kyra.rane is not just pretty pictures of brides, but really thoughtful insights, things to think about and of course gorgeous pics. You can check out her work on her website  

Interested in helping by donating? Every dollar counts… every single one. Click here to help fund organizations working hard to provide services for survivors of slavery and sex trafficking as well as those trying to help end this horrifying criminal industry

December 06, 2018 — Erika Neumayer

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