Day 12: Feelin the Heat | Rare Dirndl
Day 12: Feelin the Heat

Day 12: Feelin the Heat

It was finally in the mid 70s yesterday!!!! WHOO HOOO!!! In the morning I walked to my favorite yoga class and then decided to try a different look for day 12 of my 14-day dirndl challenge... a vest and pants. I decided on the Black Vest with Alligator Vinyl in Grey/Raspberry along with a grey Blouslette and jeans.  

In the summer/spring... if it is warm and sunny out, the studio can go from 68 to 86 degrees in just a few hours once the sun starts shining in. Of course, I close the blinds, but it doesn't make too much of a difference. I knew it was going to get toasty so that is why I choose the blouslette. This is a very innovative design that I am very very proud of. This sleeveless dirndl blouse is essential a boob cover, but it looks so much classier than just a tank under your dirndl.  

My husband grilled up some eggplant, peppers and chevapchichi for dinner and then it was back to work for me. I try my bestest best to get all theses One-of-a-Kind Dirndls shipped out by the 20th, so last night was making flowers and starting Game of Thrones!

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