Saturday was a busy day again in the studio. I choose a country style dirndl that I got in Austria for day 13 of the challenge because its super comfortable and I knew it would be easy to work in. I loved working in it! It felt very natural and comfortable... felt like I was just wearing a haus dress.  

girl sitting at a sewing machine wearing a casual linen dirndl

In the evening I went out with some girlfriends for dinner and drinks. I decided to wear the Pit and the Pendulum Dirndl with the Sweetheart Blouse with Draped Sleeves in White, the Ultimate Hirsch Necklace in silver and a cropped sweater. We went to a great restaurant and I had a big burger which was delicious. As we were leaving, I was standing outside the bathroom waiting for the rest of the girls and a guy came up to me and said:

Guy: "So what's your story?"
Me: "What do you mean?" (thinking he's commenting on my dirndl)
Guy: "Well your just standing here by yourself"
Me: (Oh my coats on... he can't see my dirndl) "I didn't have to pee, so I'm standing here waiting for my friends"
*Girls come out*
Guy: "Oh ok... sorry to bother you"
Hahaha! That was a strange interaction... 

We moved on to another bar in the area for a drink and we were having a great time laughing and sipping our Moscow Mules when a guy came up to the table and started talking with us.

Guy: "You girls looks like your having fun"
Us: "Yes... we are. We're friends so we have fun when we hang out together"
Guy: Looking at my dirndl and necklace "Well you've got a really cool outfit on! Very "Game of Thrones" is it like a corset?"
Me: "Thanks! and kinda... it's a dirndl" (It was so so so loud in this bar I honestly had no interest in talking about my dirndl to this guy in what looked like an undershirt and jeans)=
Guy: "Cool... Have you guys been to this *blah blah blah......." (no longer listening)
Another strange human interaction... is there a theme here with me and people... hmmmmm...
It was a fun night and I didn't feel like I was out of place in my dirndl and I think the necklace is more what grabbed Guy #2's attention. I was talking to one of the girls about the challenge and I was telling her, I think the reason I don't get many comments or looks is because the aprons on Rare Dirndls aren't really "aprony" looking. They look more like a part of the skirt than a white embroidered apron with lace. It's not what an regular ol' Joe Schmoe would see as an "apron". So that was day 13... 1 more day to go!
May 08, 2016 — Erika Neumayer

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