Yesterday was the final day of my 14-Day Dirndl Challenge and I went with my favorite... The Raven Dirndl. I wore it with a black blouselette (all my other blouses were in the wash) and a cropped sweater. It was a pretty uneventful day... yoga in the morning, cleaning, laundry and cooking in the afternoon, relaxing and working on wrap bracelets in the evening and that was about it!  

girl standing at a grill wearing a dirndl with a black dirndl blouse and sweater

The Raven is my favorite dirndl because it is a rather simple design, but every piece of it is perfectly matched to create a truly unique piece. Each bodice is hand cut to ensure that the cool Edgar Allen Poe inspired print lays on the bodice properly. The iridescent copper skirt gives it an old world feel while still being modern and the addition of the spikes to the front princess seams and hemline of the apron give it just the right amount of edge. Believe it or not... I spent a long time designing this dirndl and it is one of the most popular pieces.  

I did forget to mention something on yesterdays blog about girls night. At the restaurant... we notice so many gingham shirts!!! It was like trachten night! I was so surprised. While I don't particularly love the look of gingham... for me it automatically says Trachenhemd. So guys... looks like your are a go to wear your trachtenhemden to the bars!!

Overall this experience has been fun, but I am not going to lie... I'm excited to not have to wear a bra today. I'll go in depth tomorrow about what I learned from this experience, but looking back it was lots of fun and it was good research for my business. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow ;-)  

May 09, 2016 — Erika Neumayer

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