Day 9: Cultural Mash-up | Rare Dirndl

Day 9: Cultural Mash-up

I thought I would mix it up a little bit for Day 9 of my 14-day Dirndl Challenge. My aunt gave me a skirt that she got in India and I thought it would be fun to wear that with a dirndl vest and blouse! I wore the Sweetheart Blouse with lace and the Sweet Distraction Vest (from 2011) with the Indian Skirt.

It was a fun and comfortable look and I loved the bright colors of the skirt mixed with the black and white of the vest and blouse.  

After working the studio all day, I joined my mom for dinner at a friends house and everyone loved the skirt. I did stop at the liquor store to pick up a bottle of wine and a few people seemed to look at me longer than usual, but didn't say anything.  

At dinner, no one thought that I was wearing anything weird. They are all part of the German community and know what I do for a living so they weren't surprised to see me in a dirndl vest. Overall it was just another lovely day in a dirndl!

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