Yesterday I decided to wear my Blackhawks "Away" Dirndl to show my support for our beloved Chicago Blackhawks as they faced the St. Louis Blues in game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs. I wore it with a long sleeve black t-shirt, black leggings and motorcycle boots (during the day I wore my batches). Unfortunately it didn't help because they lost and now the season is over for us... sad face 😔

girl taking a selfie wearing a black long sleeve shirt as a dirndl blouse and a white chicago blackhawks themed hockey dirndl

It was fun wearing my dirndl, but I did notice that that particular dirndl was a bit... snug. I was very much ready to take it off at 10:30 when I got home from dinner.


I went out for sushi with my mom, sister and 2 aunts. I find that when I wear my blackhawks dirndl, people just think its a cool sports dress. No one seemed to notice that I was wearing anything out of the ordinary. Which was nice! My aunts did say, "Well don't you look spiffy! What's the occasion?" My response was just that I was doing the challenge and then they said, "Oh, cool!"  

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April 26, 2016 — Erika Neumayer

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