Day 2: Just a Tuesday | Rare Dirndl

Day 2: Just a Tuesday

Yesterday was just a regular ol' Tuesday... nothing too special. I decided to go with the Huntress dirndl. I wore it with the Scoop Neck Blouse, grey socks, my batchies, and a grey sweater.   

A few people commented on Facebook and in real life, "How many dirndls do you have?!" Well, I make dirndls for a living, and I make the samples in my size [wink, wink] so I have a lot. Not to mention I have some vintages ones from my mom and some pieces from my Oma as well... so I have plenty to choose from! I worked in the studio all day on the One-of-a-Kind Sale dirndls and that was about it. Wearing a dirndl didn't necessarily make it better or worse... just kinda the same. Needed extra coffee...  

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