Happy Gemini season! After the lazy days of Taurus, we head into another quick sign–mutable Gemini, a curious air sign. Tis the season to make reading, learning, dabbling, planning a priority! Gemini’s planet Mercury is retrograde through June 3, so it’s a great time to think back on what projects you’ve already started, what conversations or ideas you’re interested in picking up again, where you have already planted some seeds around learning, thinking, travel, and where you can follow it to the next steps. Gemini season is when we want to be out and about, running into people, expanding our experience, overplanning and overbooking, and being excited to be mixing it up with the world again, after a long winter and spring.

Mars is conjunct Jupiter on May 29–happens once every two years–This is a great time to get bold, dive into something that in the past you might have been too reserved about. Jupiter asks us to expand and grow, and Mars is the planet of action, desire, putting our energy out into the world. When these two planets come together in Aries, it’s time to go big and put something in motion that feels like an exciting risk.

German Dirndl for Oktoberfest - Gemini Dirndl

We have a Gemini Full Moon on June 30–a great time to plant seeds around what you’d like to learn, what new projects or paths we’d like to start on, new ideas/people/friend groups to reach out to. What keeps crossing your mind? Where and what have you been wanting to explore?

Mercury is retrograde through June 3–in the shadow until June 18. When Mercury goes direct, it takes a while for it to speed up to its normal pace, which it will get to by June 18. This is a great time to review what went down these past few weeks and see what insights you got from any mishaps, miscommunications, or happy accidents.

Gemini season’s Full Moon happens on June 14–with the Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius. Where do you feel like you need freedom and exploration, especially in your personal life? Where does reality set in and you need to account for that? Where do you need to balance your need for excitement and expansion with the need to take into account your day-to-day life?

How Gemini season might show up for you:

  • If you feel scattered or like you don’t know where to direct your energy in the spring, Gemini might be the reason why! This is the sign of the twins, so it’s ok to have more than one idea/passion project/plan going at once.
  • This sign is adaptable, so it’s a great time to look over what started in Aries season in mid-March, and where you need to adjust plans or goals to keep moving forward.
  • Gemini helps us to remember how curious and open-minded we are. If you have a million tabs open, bookmarks in tons of books and magazines, and a lot of text threads going, you’re deep into Gemini energy. Embrace it! This is a dabbling sign, and learns as it goes. 

Ways to work with the energy of Gemini season:

  • Wednesdays are Mercury’s day (ruler of Gemini)--can you set aside a little time to read or skim articles or books? Gemini season is a great time to set goals for an independent study or book list you’d like to get through this summer.
  • Take a day trip if you can, or explore a new neighborhood! You might live in a bubble, but Gemini reminds us there are a lot of other bubbles out there–time to get playful and see what else is going on in your same town.
  • Gemini is the sign of the twins, so it’s a great month to multi-task, do things with your hands, and start another project!
  • Gemini rules communication, so write a package to a friend, do some journaling, write a letter even if you never intend to send it–write or talk things out!
  • Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is a trickster–it reminds us not to take things *too* personally, because things are always changing anyway. It might be fun to watch a Bob Dylan or Prince interview–both famous Geminis who never gave a direct answer, and played with the interviewer and audience, a sort of playful challenge of authority. Maybe you’ll be inspired to do your own form of trickster challenging of the system.

Dirndl designs for Gemini season: 

  • Expressing joy and excitement while embracing adaptability, the Zodiac Dirndl in Gemini has a fun lightweight stretch knit print apron with yellow ribbons.
  • The corresponding colors for the bodice are shades of violet, sky blue and bright pink. 
  • To channel the liveliness and uniqueness of Gemini, the fabric choices are satin and suede. 
Gemini Dirndl - German Dirndl dress for Oktoberfest
  • Similarly, for the Moon Rising Dirndl in Gemini, the apron ribbon colors are bright and lively shades of violet and yellow.
Gemini Dirndl - German Dirndl dress for Oktoberfest

Food & drink for Gemini season:

To get in the Gemini spirit, you can whip up this infused liqueur with Gemini and Mercury-ruled herbs: 

Gemini cocktail:

  • 3 ¼ c vodka (80-100 proof)
  • ½ c caraway seeds
  • ½ c fennel seeds
  • ½ c cumin seeds
  • ¼ c simple syrup

Put the seeds into a ziploc bag and hit them with a rolling pin or something to coarsely crack them. Combine the seeds with the vodka in a half-gallon jar and stir. Seal the jar and put it in a cool cabinet for about 4-8 hours, until it smells like the seeds. Strain it with a mesh strainer into a clean jar and stir in the simple syrup. Pour over ice and add some sparkling water and enjoy (outside preferably!)

Gemini Mocktail:

  • Your favorite sparkle water
  • Fresh rosemary sprigs
  • Grapefruit juice
  • Lavender simple syrup (1 c water, 1 c sugar, 1 T dried lavender)

Make the lavender simple syrup by combining 1 T dried lavender with 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar. Bring them to a boil in a small saucepan, stirring until the sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and let it steep for ½ an hour. Strain out the lavender and you’ve got a simple syrup! If you are a serious lavender fan, you can add more lavender at the beginning of the process.

Muddle the rosemary with ice and simple syrup in a glass–start small with the lavender syrup, and add more to adjust for your level of sweetness. Add the grapefruit juice and top with sparkle water, and add a spring of fresh rosemary! Cheers!

A bright, refreshing and lively seasonal recipe to try is Dirndl Kitchen’s White Asparagus Crêpes. 


Photo credit: Dirndl Kitchen

One of our family favorites which I always feel has a duel personality is Wurstsalat. Is it a meal, or is it a salad? It can be both! Check out this recipe from German Recipes for Swiss and Bavarian Wurstsalat.



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Gemini Dirndl - German Dirndl dress for Oktoberfest

May 27, 2022 — Erika Neumayer

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