Although goth style is not typically associated with Oktoberfest, you can create a unique and eye-catching look by incorporating gothic elements into traditional Bavarian attire with a little creativity and attention to detail.

The key here is to remember why you are wearing a dirndl. A dirndl is a garment that is a representation of a culture. Whether you have German heritage or not, honoring the traditions are important. But so is your personal style! Let's talk about ways to break the rules while still holding true to authenticity.

Couple in Munich town square. Women is wearing a black dirndl dress, black blouse, red apron and lace up black shoes. Man is wearing a black vest and lederhose

What is Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is a traditional Bavarian festival celebrated in late September or early October and lasts for 16 days. During this time, people come together to enjoy traditional German food and beer and often wear dirndls, lederhosen, and other traditional clothing styles. There are also many activities going on, such as amusement rides, carnival games, and live music performances. Oktoberfest has become so popular that it’s now celebrated all over the world.

For those who want to dress with a goth aesthetic, it is important to remember the original traditions of Oktoberfest while also embracing your personal style. Consider wearing a dirndl with an alternative twist, such as a black lace corset or accessorizing the look with dark jewelry and makeup. This way, you can express yourself while still respecting the history and culture of the festival.

girl with long hair wearing an edgar allen poe inspired dirndl with black blouse

Goth styling is not typically associated with Oktoberfest, the famous German beer festival. You might initially think that it would be really difficult to express your goth style while wearing a dirndl and have loads of questions... but, with a little creativity and attention to detail, it is possible to incorporate gothic elements into traditional Bavarian attire in order to create a unique and eye-catching look. Kein Problem!

Whether you choose to wear a traditional dirndl or lederhosen with modern twists such as dark-colored fabrics and prints, you can enjoy the festivities in true goth style.

Women in dirndl dresses and black blouses at a German themed occasion - Goth style dirndls in black, red and pink

"The dirndl is not just a piece of clothing, it's a symbol of our heritage and identity." - Unknown

That quote speaks so true to the values of Rare Dirndl. We believe that celebrating German heritage while maintaining your personal style is what makes going to German Festivals the most fun! No matter what your personal style is, there is a dirndl out there that is the right size and ideal to help you create the perfect look!

Woman in elegant dirndl with crushed velvet apron and metal broach at the waist - high fashion dirndl

Here are some tips we recommend for how to add edgy & goth elements to fit your dirndl outfit:

A black dirndl

A dirndl is a traditional Bavarian dress, most often worn by women at Oktoberfest. While dirndls usually feature bright colors and floral patterns, a goth-style woman can choose a black dirndl dress instead or one with black accents. Dark floral patterns or lace overlays can also add a gothic touch to a dirndl.

You could also accessorize it with black lace, chains, or other gothic elements. You could also wear a white blouse, but make sure to add extra accessories so it's styled correctly!

girls wearing black dirndls at a german event. dirndl dress on the left is black with a skull printed apron and the other has a blue apron

Black lederhosen

Lederhosen are traditional Bavarian shorts or pants made of leather with embroidery and a quintessential front flap. While they are typically worn by men, you could wear black leather, black or grey denim lederhosen with a black blouse and black boots to create a unique look. We also offer a great alternative to ill-fitting box traditional Lederhosen... our Women's Stretch Denim Lederhosen. Available in black/grey or blue, these are a fun way to dress the part without wearing a dirndl.

woman wearing stretch denim lederhosen with a liter of hofbrau oktoberfest beer. Alternative look to a dirndl dress for Oktoberfest


To add a goth twist to a traditional German outfit, you could accessorize with gothic jewelry, such items as black chokers, skull earrings, or pentagram necklaces.

You could also wear black boots, fishnet stockings, or a black shawl with your dirndl.

Still loving the look of safety pins? Add some to the shoulder straps or apron waistband. It's your dirndl... make it show your individuality!

Plus size dirndl dress outfit with white blouse and elegant floral apron - plus size dirndl dress

Play with makeup

Dark lipstick, smokey eye makeup, and heavy black eyeliner can all be used to create a dramatic look. False eyelashes can also add an extra touch of glamour.

Woman in dirndl dress with an apron with pink fabric detail tied around her waist.

Choose footwear wisely

Black boots or black Mary Jane heels can be worn with the dirndl dress. A platform or a small chunky heel can also be used to add height and create a more dramatic look. For more inspiration on footwear to wear with dirndls, check out this blog.

Remember, the key to successfully incorporating gothic elements into a dirndl dress is to balance the traditional Bavarian outfit with goth flair.

The result should be a unique and striking look that is perfect for a German-themed event, folk festival or any other event where gothic fashion is welcome.

Woman wearing a dirndl dress with an above the knee skirt, off the shoulder blouse, a printed apron tied around her waist.

It's important to note that while as a goth-style woman you may want to express your unique style, it's also important to respect the cultural significance of the festival and dress appropriately.

Three generations of women all wearing black, red and grey gothic inspired dirndl looks. The woman of the popular German band the Klaberheads

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, gothic styling for women can be a great and easy way to stand out. So why not embrace your inner goth and try this unique styling for your next celebration?

Woman in a black dirndl dress with skull details on the bodice - high fashion dirndl

Looking for more Dirndl Style tips & tricks? Click the link to get access to our official style guide! >> 

Woman in a dirndl dress with a cotton blouse holding cold beers - modern dirndl made in the USA

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